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We're recruiting!

In the next month or so you'll see a long awaited change in the way things look here at Hush House - having built some solid foundations we're ready to step up our game.

If you'd like to become a part of the journey, love music, have your ear to the ground and are nifty with your words please don't hesitate to apply.

Here's what your application should contain:

  • Your current top 10 tracks

  • Your top 10 producers/bands to watch at the moment

  • 100 words on either one of the tracks or a producer

  • 50 words on why you think you'd fit in at HH

  • Any other attributes you have to offer eg. graphic design

A few perks if you're not already keen:

  • Guestlist/free entry to clubnights

  • Press passes/free entry to festivals and product launches

  • Upfront releases from a number of labels and artists

  • Products and clothing from various brands

  • Opportunity to interview your favourite artists etc

  • Brand new, super fresh website launching soon

  • Your own email address

  • A reference for your CV

The more you put in, the more you'll get out. Please email contribute at hushhouse.net (obviously replacing 'at' with the @ symbol)

On another note, if you haven't yet entered to win a free t-shirt when we launch, head to http://hushhouse.net

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The Storyteller said...

Well designed,informative interesting and entertaining. Keep it up.