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Rustie - Glass Swords LP

Rustie has been producing quality beats since 2007 and it is hard to believe that the London based producer is only just releasing his first LP. The album is being released by the prestigious Warp Records who have already released his single 'Ulta Thizz' earlier in September. Warp seems to be a fitting label for Rustie as his futuristic and experimental sound sits perfectly alongside label peers such as Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus.

Rustie will release the Glass Swords LP in early October and the hype surrounding this long awaited album suggests that it is going to be a huge. Apart from Hudson Mohawke’s Satin Panthers EP release earlier this year it is hard to remember something sounding so fresh and different. It takes guts to experiment so extremely, with a mixture of 80’s pop and contemporary rap templates fusing into a synergy of electronic genius. Rustie is producing an underground renaissance of progressive electronic music that is grasping the music world by storm.

There will be thirteen tracks on this album with each song giving its own razor-edged intensity that fluctuates throughout. The tracks create an energetic vibe of unorthodox glitches and micro samples that at times cross a fine line between being overcomplicated and frantic. However Rustie somehow manages to balance the hectic array of beats and warps them into an aesthetic cohesion.

The two most prolific tracks in the album have to be 'All Night' and 'Ultra Thizz' which both perfectly depict Rustie’s experimental direction in full effect. The first taste of the album 'All Night' gives a crisp and fun vibe that uses hip hop instrumentals fused with 80’s electro beats. Then we have 'Ultra Thizz' which is more of a futuristic journey of stadium style synths and chopped vocals. It seems that Rustie has broken from the mould and produced something that is not meant to fit into any category or set pattern. Trying to label this album into a genre would be pointless as it is a combination of various influences and this is one of the reasons why it gives off such a refreshing sensation.

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