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Help me take away my sorrow...

It's now time for something which might have been missing at HH before, a few easy listening disco-tinged edits which hopefully the majority haven't unearthed previously. These have been hanging in the iTunes waiting for the right time to arise. Last night was our first night back in Leeds which ended with a very enjoyable 2 hour set in the top room of Stinky's Peephouse but it now feels like a Saturday, the sleep pattern is already ruined and the dark grey blanket across the sky is somewhat depressing. That all sounds very negative, the plus side is that these tracks have been helping get the mood sorted.

I Need Dollar (KRL GBPmix) - Aloe Blacc

Even After All (Guilt Trip Edit) - Finley Quaye

Open For Service (Hot Toddy Remix) - Crazy P

Summersun (Cadillac Remix) - Miami Horror

Perhaps there's beauty in the darkness.

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