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Martyn - Ghost People LP

Washington DC based producer Martyn takes a step back to reflect in his new release Ghost People out on Brainfeeder. The LP gives off a jigsaw effect, pulling apart genres of music while delicately piecing together a mass of influences from all over the musical spectrum. The album itself is a masterpiece; ram packed with deep nostalgic notes while being filled to the brim with crunching dance floor bangers!

“My last album, 'Great Lengths,’ was very personal. A lot of the music and the themes behind it were taken out of my daily life: my sorrows and my melancholy. For this album, I chose things that are further away from me: the Ghost People theme. There are references to DJing in general. Not the jet-set DJ life, but the old Paradise Garage DJ life, where people want to share and play the music they really love, regardless of if it's trendy. Nothing fancy or flashy. Just back to the roots.”

The album progresses from track to track with sharp contrasts unlike any of Martyn’s releases prior; the track ‘Twice As’ for example holds itself in a 2 step garage rhythm, with snappy snips of snares and mysterious vocal cuts underlined with a deep and funky bassline. Whereas the track ‘Popgun’ couldn't be more different; the tune is hard-wired, industrial and the dirty broken beats stir up to a massively punchy climax. The track shows Martyn’s thoughtful intent on not making 2 dimensional tracks and displays his urge to push his musical creativity into new and unknown realms. This track is defiantly one to watch!!!

Popgun - Martyn [forthcoming Brainfeeder]

The leading track which has caused the most attention in clubs so far is his pre released track Masks’, which is a dance floor mover without a doubt! The tune proves Martyn's skill in creating beauty out of pure simplicity with this smooth and suave stepper; its moody, trippy and smooth and is defiantly the highlight of the album. You can grab this baby from Juno right now!

Masks - Martyn [Brainfeeder]

Ghost People is set for release on 10 October 2011.

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Lucid Balance said...

great review, couldnt agree more