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Featuring ARKIST

Arkist is yet another great producer to emerge from Bristol in the last couple of years. We featured him earlier this year and since then he has had huge releases on Apple Pips and with Kidkut on Hotflush Recordings. To follow those he has surprisingly released the Double Zero EP this week as a free download to the public.

Double Zero Minimix - Arkist

The whole EP, which can be previewed above in a minimix by the man himself, can be downloaded here.  It features the great tracks, 'Double Zero', 'Rephlex Blast', 'Crumbs of a Spectre', 'Crossroads' and 'Appleseed'. If you're hard up for disk space, our highlights are available to download below.

Crossroads - Arkist

Double Zero - Arkist

You can also check out his Hotflush Podcast which also came out this week over at their website.

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