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Featuring ARKIST

Two such big releases within only a few weeks of each other really can't be ignored. Bristol's Arkist is really bridging that genre gap which is on everyone's mind. His Apple Pips release is one of the strongest from a label that has been a little quiet of late. 'Rendezvous' is one hell of a lead track and comes with a perfectly cut vocal sample. 'Fill Your Coffee' leaves the heavy garage beats behind to reveal one of the most refreshing dubstep tracks we have heard in a long while.

Fill Your Coffee - Arkist [Apple Pips] (out now)

Not to rest on his laurels however, Arkist has recently teamed up with fellow Pips artist Kidkut for a release on Hotflush. In more of a house style, 'One Year Later' will glide through your speakers on a sunny afternoon, and is complimented on the flip by the fascinatingly entitled 'Vanilla Imitate'.

One Year Later - Arkist & Kidkut [forthcoming Hotflush]