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Introducing LOOSE FIT

Somehow a Loose Fit track (the first of the two below) ended up in one of our latest playlists which got a thorough listen to on the trip to and from London this weekend. It was the stand out track and so we weren't surprised to find more quality material after only a small amount of research. However, we were surprised when we stumbled across their latest release, and noticed that it came out today on Join The Dots. It is entitled Table Beggar / Magnetise EP and those are, if you hadn't already guessed, the two (stunning) title tracks plus there's a couple of remixes of each. Check the release out below, and bag it for yourself here.

Before we discovered that bit of conveniently timed news, we were planning a post anyway as the pair, originally from Manchester, have given away a couple of excellent tracks for free. Make sure both of these are given a chance, especially if you have some summer parties lined up. Personally, we think the slower, more rolling 'Bolsena' might be the favourite out of these two.

A Deeper Pelago (Rework) - Loose Fit

Bolsena (Radio Mix) - Loose Fit

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