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Benjamin Stefanski, aka Raffertie, readies his Visual Acuity EP for the Ninja Tune imprint, and it's without doubt one to write home about. By blending sounds from different corners of the electronic spectrum, these four tracks provide something really refreshing, something much more exciting than an EP solely intended for the dancefloor. It's amazing to see someone progress so much since we first featured him back in February 2009!

The title track is not one for the faint-hearted and presents a full on assault of glitched drum patterns, bleeps and modulating synth work. It is often too easy to forget that making music sound this frantic tends to require more skill than ever. In contrast, 'You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That' would appear to be the title track's alter ego. It still retains a twisted drum pattern but lush soundscapes allow even more musicality to shine through.

'Mimetic' goes in on a very different vibe altogether, with a straight kick and sultry "this is it" vocal sample. It is a track that shows a lot of control, with its snare-filled and expansive build ups always dropping back into the same cheeky groove. Last but not least is 'Twitch (It Grows and Grows)'. This tune speaks for itself really, we simply can't wait to hear it on a club system because the kick that rolls round throughout travels very deep.

Twitch (It Grows and Grows) - Raffertie [forthcoming Ninja Tune]

Ninja Tune's quality control has always been of the highest standard, and here is yet another essential release. Raffertie's keeping innovative underground riddims alive!

Out on 29th August - you can pre-order it from Juno now.

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