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It's always nice when a good producer is also a good DJ, and not just doing one or the other because they feel obliged. George FitzGerald's set in January at Modulate in Leeds was appreciated by everyone in the place, and this cemented his position in our minds as one to watch out for - not just another name on the new Garage/House scene, which at the time was burgoning.

Also in January, 'We Bilateral' came out on the Hotflush compilation, and showcased what has almost become his signature use of dreamy vocals over future sounding synths.

We Bilateral - George FitzGerald [Hotflush Recordings]

What's more is that, since then, his sound has developed and resisted the conventional labels that we all like to apply. His remixes of late have tended towards the Techno end of the electronic music spectrum. 'Reset', the b-side on the 'Silhouette EP' proved that he has the depth in production to fuse his vocal style with more well rounded and complex beats. His most recent tracks, due out in August, will form the first release on his own ManMakeMusic imprint, and are his strongest to date.

Fernweh/Hearts - George FitzGerald [forthcoming ManMakeMusic]

The previews suggest that he's moved back towards a deeper, Garage/House sound. Both tracks need a listen. We expect to hear that beautiful cowbell from 'Hearts' on repeat all over the place in August.

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