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Featuring PHAELEH

Despite never having been quite sure how to pronounce his name, to us, it has become synonymous with super tight production from the more pleasurable end of the Dubstep spectrum. Out of Bristol, Phaeleh has come up with the goods to follow up his fantastic first album, Fallen Light.

The Cold In You showcases such amazing versatility above anything else. The title track featuring Soundmouse is one suited more to the lounge than to the club, in stark contrast to the heavily dub-infused 'Perilous' or 'Caustic Storm', which sounds like it could have come out of the depths of South London circa 2006.

Perilous feat. I-Mitri - Phaeleh [Afterglo]

However, the track that stands out just above the rest for us is 'In The Twilight', with glistening guitars and wonderfully soft drum sounds. All in all, Phaeleh has got the balance just right.

In The Twilight - Phaeleh [Afterglo]

Preview the rest of the tracks here, then go right ahead and pre-order your copy ahead of its 1st August release, you won't be disappointed.

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