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Featuring MARTYN

3024 boss and heavyweight producer in his own right Martyn is gearing up for his next 12" release, this time on the Los Angeles-based Brainfeeder label. Having come from a Drum & Bass and then Dubstep standpoint, he seems to have settled with more of a House template in his recent work.

Masks is a heavy rolling House effort, with 90s stabs and what sounds like an awful lot of serious analogue programming. It is most certainly reminiscent of his collaboration with Mike Slott from last year, a tune entitled 'All Nights'. Following the release of Masks/Vipers on 1st August, Martyn's second LP will emerge, also on the mighty Brainfeeder imprint.

And for those of you with a bit more time on your hands, this is one of the most interesting RBMA lectures around.

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