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Heavily underrated Finish producer Desto has been on our radar ever since his release on Ramp Recordings last year. Back then he was pushing boundaries with colourful Dubstep, this time though, his forthcoming 'Makowrap EP' on Amsterdam's Rwina Records, has a heavy Grime instrumental feel. Check it for yourself...

Makowrap EP Preview [forthcoming Rwina Records]

React - Desto (Digital Bonus) [forthcoming Rwina Records]

This mix, for us, nails where underground bass music is right now. Heavy Swamp 81 vibes all over, eclectic drum patterns and plenty of sub. All forthcoming or unreleased business, you know you need to get this on the download.


01. Clouds - Rest Of The Cycle [forthcoming Deep Medi]
02. Teeth - Frequencies [forthcoming Ramp]
03. LAS - Liketha [unreleased]
04. Desto - No Sleep [unreleased]
05. Trusta - Hypnotic [forthcoming Swamp 81]
06. Logos - Atlanta 96 [forthcoming Keysound]
07. Desto - Remember [unreleased]
08. Teeth - Vibrate [unreleased]
09. Desto feat. Jimi Tenor - Eightfold Path [forthcoming 502]
10. Late - Sanctus [unreleased]
11. Desto & Jimi Tenor - Puotila Acid [unreleased]
12. Teeth - Need A Refix [unreleased]
13. Desto - Glass Clouds VIP [unreleased]
14. Melé - Pyrex Vision [Truancy]
15. Kuoyah - Convex Gravity (Desto Remix) [forthcoming Frijsfo Beats]
16. Trusta - Feels So [forthcoming Swamp 81]
17. Desto - Londinium [unreleased]
18. Desto & Jimi Tenor - Stampede [unreleased]
19. LAS - Rave-o-lution [unreleased]
20. Desto - Makowrap [forthcoming Rwina]

Keep up to date with Desto on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

1 comment:

Champion Records said...

Loving this. Keep up the great tunes and great blog.