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As we push on with our mix series, super hot talent Louie Fresco steps up the heat a notch. Not only does this guy produce, run a burgeoning label but also is the manager of El Internacional, one of the leading clubs in the vicinity Mexico. Next up they have Art Department with a 1500 strong guestlist on Facebook! We wanted to make sure you had plenty of information to fill the memory bank so we caught up with him for a quick chat.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical roots...

I'm from one of the hottest places on earth: Mexicali B.C. Mexico. Summer time don't play around here, it gets pretty nasty. But it's a cool place to kick it, it's super safe and it has one of the best the electronic scenes in Mexico. I used to play guitar and drums back when I was in a band. I think I got into music thanks to one of my cousins back when he introduced me to Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson and my brother who introduced me to R&B and New Wave. When it comes about music they always showed me the ropes. If they discovered a new artist/band they showed them to me almost immediately.

I've had a back & forth relationship with electronic music. Loved it in the early 90's, then I loved grunge, back with electronic music thanks to Cassius, Daft Punk, etc. then I discovered hip hop. Back again in the late 90's with trance music and then I finally became a full-on electronic dance music lover in 2005.

How has your music taste changed over the last year or so?

A lot. I have to thank a few friends and a few producers out there for showing me these new sounds. I always thought sole purpose of making a dance track was to get people dancing on the floor, but I couldn't help to notice how a lot of talented producers started making dance music with various kinds of melodies and all of that goodness. I instantly fell in love with these new sub-genres.

You run a label called MEXA Records - why did you decide to start a label?

Cliche answer: "I just want to get my music out there"

It's true though, but I also want local, national, and some international talent to have the chance to be discovered. There's a lot of hidden gems to be found out there. Many acts here in Mexico and Spain have caught my attention. There's is also a lot of raw talent here in Baja California, with the proper tools they could be living their dreams.

Your 'Cold As Ice' remix has grabbed the attention of many including No.19 label owner Art Department. How did this remix come about?

This is a really long story. I will spare the details though. I did that song quite a few months ago. A friend of mine came to my apartment and told me Lee Foss uploaded a video with the same samples I used on that song. (the song my friend refered to was Modern Amusement - Cold As Ice, and that day I found out that the song was done a few years ago by Lee). I contacted Lee and Jonny. Jonny wanted my song to be a part of the EP. Being a huge fan of Mr Foss and Art Dept this was a no-brainer so I sent Jonny the song. The rest is history. So I really have to thank Lee and Jonny for giving this huge opportunity and of course my friend for stalking Lee Foss' facebook profile!

Cold As Ice (Louie Fresco Remix) - Modern Amusement

Top five tracks at the minute?

  • Fish Go Deep - The Cure and The Cause (Russ Yallop Remix)
  • Jamie Jones feat. Art Department - Our Time In Liberty
  • Luca C & Brigante feat. Ali Love - Morals (Clockwork Remix)
  • Richy Ahmed & Miguel Campbell - Tell Me
  • Tale Of Us - Winds Of Change

Favourite sandwich filler combo?!

Meatballs with marinara, cheese, olives, and bacon.

What have you got lined up release-wise?

I'm gonna be doing a few collaborations with some people I really admire and some remixes for some very talented producers. I do have a few remixes coming out on Defected Records, another one OM Records, and the remix I did for Ali Love coming out on Dim Mak. I'm also working hard on my album for No.19 and my first EP on my upcoming label MEXA Records.

Tell us a bit about this mix - how did you go about it, was it recorded live?

This was recorded at a private party using CDJs, I just hit REC and started playing songs that I really like at the moment.

Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure.

From the quality of this 1h48mins seamless recording, we reckon this man knows a thing or two about mixing - you'd be a fool not to have it in your summer playlist.


01. Fred Everything ft. Vanessa Baker - Friday (Crazy P Remix) [OM Records]
02. Mark E - R&B Drunkie [MERC]
03. Richy Ahmed & Miguel Campbell - Tell Me [forthcoming Hot Creations]
04. ???
05. ???
06. Benoit & Sergio - Everybody [DFA]
07. Nick Lawson & Matthew Burton - Gruff It [forthcoming Visionquest]
08. Richy Ahmed - Killah Velvet (Richy Ahmed Edit) [unreleased]
09. ???
10. Miguel Migs - Everybody (Nav Izadi Remix) [forthcoming OM Records]
11. Nina Kraviz - I'm Gonna Get You [Rekids]
12. Fish Go Deep - The Cure And The Cause (Russ Yallop Yooou Mix)
13. ??? (Louie Fresco Remix) [forthcoming Defected Records]
14. Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love [Hot Creations]
15. Jus' Bros - The Truth (LF Edit) [unreleased]
16. Miguel Puente & Sishi Rosch - Serious Compassion [No.19]
17. ??? (LF Edit) [unreleased]
18. Lula Circus - Miami Vice (MANIK Remix) [Stranjjur]
19. Greg Paulus - Nightime (Crazy P Remix) [Wolf + Lamb]


Anonymous said...

Too bad the playlist isn't complete.
I'll give it a listen in the morning, looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Such a big mix.

Anonymous said...

my 8 year old brother can mix better than that, nice track selection