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Julio Bashmore takes front stage again as his hugely anticipated remixes of Deadboy's 'Heartbreaker' is set for Well Rounded Housing Project’s 3rd release this October.

The Bristol born producer is about to bring in the end of summer on a high after an already very successful year. With an exclusive Radio One Essential Mix last weekend, plus two thumping remixes; one of Mosca’s 'Tilt Shift' on Fat City and of Christophe’s 'The Force' on Bristol's Futureboogie label, this release was going to make it 3rd time a charm with both the freshness and originality which we have grown to love in Bashmore’s sound.

Deadboy’s original 'Heartbreaker' was released in 2009 on Well Rounded and is already well known as a solid gold midnight anthem so it must have been a tough act to follow, but we can see from Julio’s 2010 remix he twists the tones subtly, playing more on the cool, stylish, streetlight ambience created by the original. He matches, if not enhances, the night-time atmosphere by keeping in most of the original’s percussive sounds, including the funky cracked snares. However, the track holds its own deep Chicago House undertone with the new filled out disco baseline.

Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore 2010/ 2009 Remix) – Deadboy

His 2009 remix is far more what we have learned to expect from Bashmore - he sends the track out from the cold moonlit streets and onto the dance floor. With the addition of an absorbing wooden block 2 step rhythm and some stunted vocals, the tune doubles up on itself with a smooth and padded wholeness. The deep cushioned baseline strikes a chord which excuse the pun can only be described as Well Rounded! Bring on the winter warmers!

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