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Introducing GOLDFFINCH

Hailing from Belgium, GoldFFinch have been steadily gaining recognition across the UK and Europe. Their tracks are being rinsed in clubs, at festivals and on the radio - most notably getting a ton of airplay on Rinse FM. With this being said, it will suprise most people to learn that their upcoming release on Airflex Labs will actually be their debut release.

Dirty Bird - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

The title track 'Dirty Bird' is a straight up booty shaker with crisp 808s and a slight techno vibe. The vocal chops and fat subs align perfectly with the groove giving the track depth while keeping the sound crisp. On the flipside is 'Burned Bit', a techno driven beauty that breaks down into a funky, squelching dance floor heater which would be at home in any mix right now.
The third track on the release is a remix of 'Dirty Bird' by Frenchman Jay Weed. His remix definitely has more of a Swamp 81 quality to it, taking the original a little darker and twisting it into something else entirely.

Burned Bit - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

The Dirty Bird EP will be available on the 28th October on wax and digitally from Juno. It also comes with a huge Jay Weed remix, check it below...

Dirty Bird (Jay Weed Remix) - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

Watch for their next EP forthcoming on Numbers later this year.


dailything said...

Nice one !

Anonymous said...

superb release!