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It seems like things are coming around so quickly at the moment! Only a few weeks after Canblaster ventured into the depths of Wire, Jo Kira and Remé are bringing someone else across the channel for their monthly Square One night.

Since the release of the Arma EP last year it is fair to say French Fries has taken the UK Bass scene by storm. With appearances on RinseFM and the Boiler Room already under his belt and with the Clek Clek Boom label finding its feet, this is yet another Leeds debut that you shouldn't miss!

Joompa - TOYC [MIMM]

Support comes from the up and coming TOYC who has more than enough tunes to get the dance moving. The boys from Greyscale Sessions and MC Descry complete a lineup that can't be sniffed at for only £6.

Check out the facebook event and grab your tickets in advance.

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