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Featuring JACK DIXON

Jack Dixon has been the subject of quite a few posts on our blog over the last couple of years but it's about time we checked in with him and see what is coming next. He has been busy of late with releases on Brownswood, Formant, Silverback and TAKE really bringing him to the masses, cementing his place in the electronic scene.

Running Man EP - Jack Dixon & Rick Grant [forthcoming MMM]

Next up for him is the second release on George Fitzgerald's ManMakeMusic label which sees Jack Dixon collaborate with Rick Grant, one third of TAKE Records. "Running Man" has much more of a house influence than the majority of Jack's previous releases thanks to Rick Grant but still manages to retain the forward thinking essence. Consequently the track fits in nicely alongside George Fitzgerald's previous release on the label. The second track, "Muted" is styled in a more familiar vein with great vocal samples chopped in over a deep sub backed with a slow rolling 2-step beat.

The release also features a remix of 'Running Man' by Canadian newcomer, Kevin McPhee who most recently put out his debut release on [Nakedlunch] and Idle Hands. The Running Man EP will be available digitally and on vinyl on November 28th.

Jack Dixon also made it known this weeek that his Coconuts EP - originally slated to be one of his first releases - will not be coming out at all. However, as we all have waited patiently he has decided to make the title track and the Disclosure remix available on his Soundcloud as a free download. Not to be missed.

Jack Dixon - Coconuts

Jack Dixon - Coconuts (Disclosure Remix)

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