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Introducing THEFFT

Those of you who always keep an ear to the ground may have noticed something rather interesting brewing over the last few months. Jack Robertson, aka Thefft, has been carving out a sound fresher than most producers could hope for. By generally working at a slower tempo than most of his peers, Thefft productions crave appreciation.

Legends - Thefft

'Legends' is a track we have had on heavy rotation for the last couple of months. The way that the snappy percussion and glowing synths compliment each other coupled with the ebb and flow of the bassline give rise to a groove that best represents this boy's talents. Be sure to check out 'Simple Questions' too. This one goes in on more of a playful tip with some pretty retro sounding stabs.

And as seems to be tradition these days, whenever a major twitter milestone is passed then freebies must be dished out, so grab the download of moody 'Inna Da' below!

Inna Da - Thefft [download]

We have also managed to get the man himself to deliver a mix exclusively for your ears. Slowly rising in bpm throughout and dotted with forthcoming music from the likes of Zed Bias, Mosca and Mickey Pearce - listen up.

DOWNLOAD: October 2011 Mix

01. Thefft - On The Rag
02. Damu - Go Solar
03. Archie Pelago - Avocado Roller
04. Thefft - BRYC
05. Cromie - Cohort
06. These Ghosts - Twentytwo
07. Blawan - Vibe Decorium
08. Thefft - Simple Questions
09. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock
10. Mosca - Orange Jack
11. Martyn - Ghost People
12. Zed Bias - Basic Needs
13. Presk - Devour
14. Damu - Ether
15. Distal - Coke Bottle
16. Cromie & JRapp - How I Know
17. Lucid - Lovely In Love (Richelle Remix)
18. Visionist - W.M.I.D
19. Mickey Pearce - Don't Ask Don't Get
20. Bok Bok - Silo Pass
21. JJ Louis & Jade Lion - Ruff, Tuff And Ready feat. Banton
22. Pangaea - Hex

We will leave it there for now, but take it from us, this is only the start of very big things! Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Massive mix. Tried to find this out but didn't succeed, which is the tune at 30 mins? Cheers

Thefft said...

tune at 30 minutes is Damu - Ether

Anonymous said...

Thanks, much appreciated. Keep up the good work!