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Introducing VESSEL

Over the years Bristol has carved out a reputation for itself as being one of the most vibrant, creative and fluid hubs of the electronic music scene in the UK. The ‘forward looking and progressive’ Bristolian record label, A Future Without is helping to uphold this reputation by bringing ‘artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express’.

It is this ethos that has enabled Vessel to produce the stunning Wax Dance EP.  The emerging  artist has already had a prolific year with releases on Left_Blank and Astro:dynamics and is now following in the footsteps of fellow Young Echo representatives Zhou and Khan by releasing his next EP with A Future Without - who have really championed the Young Echo collective over the last year, and with good cause, as a group they are arguably producing some of the most forward thinking and innovative electronic music in the UK scene.

All five tracks from Vessel's latest release have a dream-like quality to them, understated basslines combined with ethereal samples and distant synth echoes help produce the trance inducing sound that is the Wax Dance EP.  I can try my best but unfortunately no one describes the release more eloquently than Vessel himself, who tells us the EP is "an account of movement and physical twitches made by the motion of sound."

Wax Dance - Vessel [forthcoming A Future Without]

The release date for the EP has been set for 31 Ocotber 2011.

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