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Kidnap Kid - The Apocalypse of John EP

Matt Relton aka Kidnap Kid is a young producer originally from Sheffield but now residing in Leeds. Matt released his first EP The Great Confusion earlier this year and the eagerly awaited Apocalypse of John will be available from mid October at Juno. Matt joined up with the Sheffield based label Squeltch and Clap, who also boast releases from Tete De Tigre and CDBL earlier this year. The enthusiastic producer’s sound unashamedly ventures down the direction of other producers like Koreless and Jacques Greene, using soothing vocals alongside crisp and precise basslines to create a symphony of simple and well defined rhythms.

Kidnap Kid’s latest EP contains 3 original tracks and two remixes, one by B-Ju and the other by upcoming French producer 123Mrk. This EP is full of simplistic 2-step vibes that kick off exactly where his last release finished. ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ is probably the strongest song on the EP, ‘Taken’ and ‘Losing It’ give a chopped and distorted vibe, but ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ has a soothing, crisp vibe similar to his previous hit ‘No One Else’. The EP is full of beautiful vocals that work in unison with bouncing bass and rolling synths, creating a bubbly and energetic feel that would tear apart any club. 123Mrk’s remix of ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ brings another dimension with more of a Juke influence and B-Ju’s remix leaves a clean, synth infused track that juggles the vocals just nicely.

It seems that Kidnap Kid has not disappointed with his second release of the year, and hopefully will be able to keep the standards as high as this for future productions.

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