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Featuring SWAMP81

Founded by Loefah in 2009, Swamp 81 has become one of the most forward thinking and popular labels in the UK. With a policy of vinyl-only releases (with the exception of Kryptic Minds' One Of Us album), the limited nature of their releases have only fueled the interest in everything they put out.

During 2010 after fairly standard dubstep releases by Skream, The Bug and Kryptic Minds the label took a very unexpected turn into the more experimental side of the genre. What followed was three great releases from Addison Groove, Ramadanman and Pinch - all of which opened the eyes of many and really paved the way for the label to grow into a boundary pushing force. In particular Addison Groove's 'Footcrab' brought real attention to the label, with it's electro and juke influenced 808's and vocal samples.

Footcrab VIP - Addison Groove

This year has brought about the most popular releases on Swamp81 to date, with contributions from Boddika (one half of Instra:mental), Addison Groove, FaltyDL, Funkbias (aka Zed Bias & Funk Butcher) and one artist who shall remain unnamed. In particular, the mysterious 'Sicko Cell' excelled in making it into every playlist, DJ set, radio show and iPod anywhere. Then where do you go from here you might ask?

Music Deep Inside - Zed Bias [forthcoming Swamp81]

Next from Swamp81 is a four-track EP from Zed Bias which will include the great tracks 'Music Deep Inside', 'Stubborn Phase', 'Reminisce About the Phuture' and 'Basic Needs'. This will be followed closely in November by a 12" from Mickey Pearce, the artist formerly known as Shortstuff. The record will include 'Don't Ask, Don't Get' b/w 'I Am' should drop before the end of the year.

I Am - Mickey Pearce [forthcoming Swamp81]

Other forthcoming projects include the second part of FaltyDL's Mean Streets, the collaboration of Boddika and Joy Orbison on "Swims" and some new material from Blawan including "Hollow It Out". The release timetable for these is, as always with this label, uncertain but be sure to keep your ear to the ground.

Swims - Boddika & Joy O [forthcoming Swamp81]

A few of the releases from this label have been repressed and are available via Juno Records. You can also hear new releases on Loefah's show on RinseFM.

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