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After a slight pause, we're back with a special addition to the series, a very impressive all own production mix from the severely underated producer who goes by the name Actraiser. We had a quick chat with him to fill you in if you're unfamiliar.

Tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, I'm Actraiser, an electronic music producer based in Bristol. I specialise in deep dubstep and dubstep techno music but I like to make many other styles of music as well. I've had numerous releases on labels such as Car Crash Set, Sub Depth, Haunted Audio, RedVolume, Stoke Audio, Echodub, Cold Busted, and Gradient Audio. I also have forthcoming material on Pushing Red, Paradise Lost, Pangaea, Levitated and more. I produce deep tracks that maintain a hint of heaviness. I do like to make the odd minimal track but generally I like deep music with a tougher edge, kind of the rough with the smooth really. I think that whatever style I choose to produce, it maintains the Actraiser sound that I aim for.

How long have you been producing?

I've been producing for a while, under different names, but the Actraiser thing has been for about 2 and a half years. In that time I've seen a steady rise in followers. I often wonder if my constantly changing genres confuses people, but I've had lots of great feedback from people who say they enjoy my tracks whatever tempo or style I go for, which is very encouraging and keeps me enthusiastic about trying new things.

Fallen Angel (2011 Rework) - Actraiser

How do you get your music out there?

Soundcloud is a great tool, and has brought to my attention many of the amazing, and often unfairly overlooked, producers out there creating really forward-thinking music that can slip by undetected due to many labels not keen on putting out music that they fear won't sell loads of copies. This is more to do with how hard it is to make money in this day of illegal file sharing and what-not, rather than the guys running the labels not wanting to rock the boat. I've used Soundcloud and AIM to build contacts and get my music heard by the right people, these two things (along with other things like forums and Facebook) have been incredibly valuable to making a name for myself.

Tell us a bit about your release schedule...

Some recent releases include; firstly the Tiger Road EP, which I am very proud of, it's 7 slices of futuristic electronic music that can be filed under many genres, future garage, dubstep, minimal techno. I've heard it described as music you would hear in Fabric in the year 2078, which I thought was a pretty funny, and apt description.

I've also had an LP released very recently called Art of Balance on Cold Busted. This is an eclectic selection of tracks including some trip-hop, jazz funk, funky, future garage and more. It has received enormous love from around the world with DJs such as Danny Rampling, Steve Mac & Darren Emerson playing it and giving props, so that's been really encouraging. It's out on CD & digital now. I also had an EP of 130bpm Riddim tracks out this month too featuring my more dance floor, bouncy production side. Next up though I have some much darker dubstep and dubstep techno music coming out on Paradise Lost, and Pushing Red. Then there's a 4 track tech-house EP on Pangea recordings which showcases my deep house & techno music.

Any shout outs / mentions, or anything we forgot?

For sure, firstly to Vandera whose mixes are so good and inspired me to go back to the drawing board with my own mixes (check his DSF nominated HH mix here). Alex DFRNT who not only produces amazing music but has always been really helpful to me with regards to all sides of the music game. Must also give a shout to my lovely and talented girlfriend Caya who does all the artwork for my releases, she always manages to make something awesome so I will always have her do the art if possible! And of course the obligatory shout out to all the nice people who like my music! Keep the messages coming!

Thanks for your time.


01. Ethereal Planes - Actraiser [dub]
02. It's A Trap - Actraiser [dub]
03. Infidel - Actraiser [dub]
04. The King Is Dead - Actraiser [dub]
05. Shadow Boxing 2011 Bootleg - Actraiser [dub]
06. Throne Of The Lost King - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
07. Tell Me - Actraiser [Betamorph]
08. Survival Horror - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]
09. Solstice - Actraiser [Subdepth]
10. On My Mind - Actraiser [dub]
11. Redemption - Actraiser [Cold Busted]
12. Parasol Stars - Actraiser [Cold Busted]
13. Black Skies - Actraiser [dub]
14. Fallen Angel (Jungle Edit) - Actraiser [dub]
15. Solstice (Vandera Remix) - Actraiser [Subdepth]
16. A Brighter Future - Actraiser [dub]
17. Wip3out *edit* - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
18. Mysteries Of The Universe - Actraiser [Gradient Audio]
19. Tiger Road - Actraiser [Gradient Audio]
20. Losing You - Actraiser [RedVOlume]
21. Sanctuary - Actraiser [RedVolume]
22. Temple Of Trials - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
23. Blue Sapphire - Actraiser [Haunted Audio]
24. Nevermore - Actraiser [Haunted Audio]
25. Kusagari - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]
26. Prophecy - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]

Make sure you check his very organised Soundcloud which has an abundance of tracks on, if you haven't already.

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