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Mosca - 5000 Followers EP

Hype hype hype. Mosca is on one! We're particularly excited for his forthcoming Hypercolour release but we're sure details of that will emerge soon. Recently, as you can probably tell from the aptly named title of the EP, he reached 5000 followers on his Twitter. We can imagine the excitement as we're feeling pretty pleased to be nearing 1000!

This EP is not what you'd expect, some groovy 100bpm house but once again, this just emphasises his sheer brilliance and versatility as a producer. For ease of download we've zipped it up for you:

DOWNLOAD: Mosca - 5000 Followers EP

01. Bunching
02. The Way We Were

Get on his Facebook too - there might be more presents when he hits 5k on there.

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