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Introducing AS IT IS RECORDS

Kogui presents three slices of acidic, deep house for new French label, A(s)I(t)I(s), with a remix from HH favourite Steven Tang.

The first two Kogui tracks are simple yet powerful experiments in 303 modulation, which find themselves paired with droning, melodic accompaniments and frenetic percussion elements. 'Afw' sees the smooth, acidic lines of 'Implied Reference' shaken to the core. These notes remain, but quiver all over the track as Kogui's tinny hats press matters forward.

'F88' is the final piece from Kogui. Keeping acid as the primary focus yet looking to explore murkier depths, the tempo slows, and the result is a brooding sub-aquatic affair that bubbles its way through the deep.

Implied Reference To Fundamental EP - Kogui [As It Is]

Emphasis Recordings boss and Smallville contributor Steven Tang lends his own breed of languorous house to 'Implied Reference' with a tidy 'Mixdown remix'. Here, the sting of Kogui's acid stabs is nullified slightly and instead of shuffling ceaselessly all over the place as in the original, Tang chooses to isolate a singular note and work his sound around that.

A strong start from both Kogui and As It Is - go check the release out at Juno.

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