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Featuring UNTIDY

The Untidy project appeared for the first time last year, offering 4 cuts of beefy house tracks with a heavily Germanic flavour. The release was vinyl-only and came with a fair amount of mystique, whilst being very well-received by many of the scene's big hitters. So it was strange to see the project disappear almost as quickly as it surfaced.

Promo Mix - Untidy

The music contained within the first Untidy release is heavy, dubby and expertly produced - suggestions are that the project could be an alias for Jonas Kopp. Thankfully, after almost a year, Untidy returns for 002. This second attempt replicates the techno-house hybridity of the first: gritty, cavernous stompers, all likely to do some damage this year.

There's a fair amount of variety on display here - A2 is a mellow roller that uses percussion alone to generate a dark, brooding mood. However, our favourite is the B1, a prolonged piano piece that builds continuously before falling back in on itself, looping seemingly ad infinitum and drenched heavily in reverb-soaked hi-hats. The final track is the most direct of the bunch, tribal drum patterns operate beneath wavering, oscillating synth lines.

Preview and pre-order [UNTIDY002] the release here. Excitingly, it appears a release on Skudge is also on the horizon.

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