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Night Voyage, an offshoot of the Night Slugs label, resurfaced late last year to follow up 2011's excellent 'Night Voyage Toolkit EP'. Once again, Tom Trago and Bok Bok are on the buttons to showcase their unique blend of styles.

Using the label as a vehicle to release nothing but their own material, the pair have recently treated us to two releases in as many months. 'Get Me What You Want', the energetic title track from December's offering is backed with the excellent 'Hole Driller 3'; two tracks to really open the eyes of those who had perhaps forgotten what a deadly combination these producers can be.

Get Me What You Want / Hole Driller 3 [Night Voyage Tool Kit]

And dropping just last month was the label's third 12", 'Pussy Trak'. Both these cuts are as different from each other as they are from the preceding release. With the title track rooted deeply in classic Chicago house and built around a catchy vocal hook, the flip, 'Silent G Safari' is a stripped back techno joint, soaked in essence of Bok Bok's Night Slugs work but retaining enough of Tom Trago's style for it stand apart.

Pussy Trak / Silent G Safari [Night Voyage Tool Kit]

Pick up [NV002] and [NV003] from Juno.

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