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Combining elements of hip-hop with atmospheric house is a very difficult task. Traditionally, for the most part at least, the two forms of music have been like oil and water. This is what makes Galcher Lustwerk's work so impressive. His sound follows in the vein of tracks like Matthias Meyer's 'Infinity' which subtly nods to 'From '93 'til Infinity' by use of a sample from early nineties hip-hop outfit Souls of Mischief. It's what could be regarded as "street sensible" house music.

As well as owing some of the aspects of his sound to hip-hop, Galcher also draws on the ethereal realms of deep house, as well as electronic outfits like Underworld. This is most evident in the track 'Outside the Club' from Galcher's lauded 100% Galcher mix from last year; a mix most consider to be an album in its own right.

Having only one EP to his name, released last year on Brooklyn's White Material label, this month sees the producer release the four track Nu Day EP on Tsuba.

'Fate' opens the EP with the trademark deepness we've come to expect from Galcher. An ethereal synth runs throughout the track, with some lo-fi synth bleepiness featured along the way. The slightly more upbeat, but equally deep 'Nu Day' follows with more emphasis on a solid kick drum to drive the track forward. '216' is the first track on the EP to feature Galcher's smooth raps as he proceeds to the mic with precision. On the last track, 'Chillin in the Booth', Galcher offers up his mic skills over a lo-fi crunchy house track that rounds out the EP to nice effect.

Nu Day EP - Galcher Lustwerk [Tsuba]

Look out for the pre-order at Juno.

Words by: Ethan Becker

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