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Featuring HIVER

The Italian duo Hiver, who recently contributed to our exclusive mix series, have delivered their third release, 'The Uncolored Truth'. It's their second on Vidab Records and a fine delivery of two beautiful pieces of electronica.

A-side 'Zefiro' is a restrained affair. Subdued percussion and ambient melodies marry together in a way that Hiver seem to have done so well previously. Nothing is contrived or too in your face and the atmosphere carries the listener along softly. The song breaks down to almost silence half way through, returning slowly with its kick, then its percussion, before delving back into the previous soundscape. Its uncertainty gives the track an air of melancholy, and is all the more a gem for it.

The Uncolored Truth EP – Hiver [Vidab]

On the flip is 'Right Place', which steps things up a little. Still with reams of atmosphere, the percussion is this time much more in the foreground, the drum programming and bassline working to create a solid groove without losing any of the feeling from the beginning. Soon, synth stabs phase slowly over the already laid foundations, bringing the track to a natural peak before ebbing away nicely to conclude.

HH MIX #047 - HIVER [download]

[VIDAB 10"02] is available now from Juno.

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