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Featuring XDB

Steffi's Dolly imprint returns with #017 and a second outing for Metrolux boss XDB. Answer Code Request provides a loopy remix of 'Ganivon' to start things off, adding crisp, high-end synths to XDB's percussive and whimsical original.

Personal favourite 'Tonik' kicks off the B-side with sliding synths and an array of groove elements. There's subtle atmosphere here too, which adds a lot on closer listening. Finally, 'Liberty' plods along without the signature percussive-led grooves of the other two originals, but with a chirpy synth line that builds throughout the track.

Ganivon EP – XDB [Dolly]

[DOLLY017] is sold out at most shops for the time being, but there appears to be a few left at Clone and a repress is already underway.

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