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Berliner Spencer Parker drops a couple of remixes of his most recent release, ‘The Moment Not The Memory’, allowing techno heavyweights Answer Code Request and Aaron Siegel to apply their own stylings to the three-tracker on Parker’s own Work Them Records.

Looking first at Answer Code Request's remix of 'Spacial', straight-up, no-nonsense techno that’s fed through a narrow tunnel, as swirling, tryptamine-tinged synths reverberate around a bouncy kick drum. The whole affair isn’t particularly ground-breaking, but he knows what he wants to achieve and does it well. It's a heady, big room sound, designed to deliver on a grand scale.

ACR supplements his full-length effort with an interesting 'Loop Mix'. It’s that same dubbed-up synth loop, just dripping in a little more saturated fuzz. It plays out for the majority, so would be a useful DJ tool for the adventurous amongst us. It’s practically praying for somebody to apply a beat to it, so could produce some interesting results in the right hands - a cool addition to the release.

Aaron Siegel, the man behind the impeccable FIT imprint, delivers a broken, left-field version of ‘Faster Forward’ on the flip. Classy piano hits are coupled with a grooving bassline, which propels things onto the very edge of dancefloor territory. Though far less direct than ACR's, the track isn’t short on quality and closes out an interesting release, which covers all the bases.

Coming soon at Juno.

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