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Introducing BUZ LUDZHA

Irish-based label All City offer up their first release of 2014 with a 12" from new alias, Buz Ludzha. The two tracks contained on 'Love Repetitive Rhythmics' are sleepy deep house cuts that feature subtly acidic, jackin' undertones.

First comes 'Rave With Love', where Ludzha chucks together punchy 303-stabs with celestial vocal wailings - indecipherable, but weaving throughout. A melancholic piano roll competes against drum work of the most solid kind. It's a strangely satisfying mixture; the blend of dreamy, shimmering melodies with kicking percussion.

Flipside is 'Basslines For Death'. Again, there's a real undisputed display of musicality, with the theme remaining much the same as the opener. Comparisons could be drawn to Boards of Canada - the vibe's definitely in that territory, with rolling basslines eking a weird kind of dispirited poignancy. This melancholia is again wrapped up and packaged with that jacking percussion track, which is livelier here than on 'Rave With Love'. Ludzha's debut is by all accounts an incredibly solid effort. The kind of fuzzed-up, light-headed house music he presents on 'Love Repetitive Rhythmics' is certainly different to the norm. Keep an eye out for future movements.

Love Repetitive Rhythmics - Buz Ludzha [All City]

[ACOS2X12] is available now from Juno.

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