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Delsin represses Claro Intelecto’s stunning ‘Peace of Mind’ EP from 2003, after it was first released on now defunct British label Ai Records. The EP starts with Peace of Mind (Electrosoul), a frosty, futuristic piece that’s dripping in the melancholy of a not so distant future. Sparse keys sound out into an empty void for the first couple of minutes, before Intelecto gradually eases in some sharp synth stabs. Think Blade Runner-style cityscapes and you’ll conjure exactly the kind of sound Intelecto intends here. It’s less sci-fi and more sci-funk, with the awkward, staccato grooviness of the track being propelled through a strict, robotic sense of rhythm.

‘Tone’ starts with shuffling hats and off-beat, saturated kick drums. After the linearity of the first track, this one’s a dark and disorientating exploration of the underworld. If we’re still stuck with the Blade Runner analogy, we’re no longer floating high above the cityscape. We’ve descended deep into the murkiest corners of the dystopia, as the overdriven crunch of acid squirms and jolts its way through five minutes. The drums maintain their lack of orthodox patterning throughout and seem happy to roam free, grizzly snares and hi-hats wreak havoc throughout.

The third track, 'Contact', switches it up yet again. This time, bassline weight takes centre stage, wherein a booming, pulsing envelope of sound dominates. Icy drum work finds a sense of convention once more, kicking and clapping in uniformity, much like in the EP’s opener.

Finishing up is a more ambient, atmospheric cut, consistently mainly of swirling, eery pads and deep, throbbing synth lines, which pan and zone freely amongst an Aphex-style electric melody.

The decision from Dutch label Delsin to re-release an eleven-year-old British EP may initially seem strange, but on closer inspection it seems like a shrewd move. The record hasn’t dated one bit, far from it. Every tune sounds as chillingly futuristic as if it were produced only yesterday. Top notch production and a perfectly executed aesthetic makes this one timeless.

Peace of Mind EP - Claro Intelecto [Delsin]

There's still a few copies left at Redeye.

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