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It only seems like the other day that I posted a Widdler booty but he's back with another. Doesn't really need any explanation - everyone knows the original.

Come Around (The Widdler Bootleg) - Collie Buddz

Next, this was given to The Fat! Club as an exclusive (oi Jason!) but I had to steal it cos 16Bit are amongst my favourite producers at the moment. Melodies mixed with filth is fine by me!

Foes (16Bit Fuck Hoes Remix) - Borgore

DZ with a couple of collaborations. Been meaning to post this Phatcat one for a while now, just haven't got around to doing a post so thought it'd be perfect to drop these two together. Both of these originally Bum n Drass I believe.

Shadows - DZ & Phatcat
Something Out There (DZ & SamXL Remix) - Ray Keith [RUDEEE]

This is out on promo - check it.

Ying Yang (Feat. DZ) - Excision


1 comment:

taylor said...

that 16 bit remix of foes is so HEAVY!
thank you guys so much for the great tracks