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South London based producer Full Spektrum began making music in 2003. Having grown up with early Jungle and Hardcore, he moved into production as the equipment became more affordable and began learning production techniques making D&B as well as experimenting with other music styles. Dubstep music provided him with a mixture of deep, dark vibes which he loved from the early Jungle days while also being able to keep very broad experimental elements to the music. Since producing Dubstep, his sound has developed into a more individual style, fusing old skool breakbeats and funk loops, with deep, atmospheric soundscapes.

Check the myspace for lots more information on what's been released and what's forthcoming. Here we have a few of his remixes from the past couple of years which he's been given permission to let out for people to play rather than them rotting on his hard drive. All fit in the 140bpm bracket but there's a huge range in production styles. Starting off chilled with a sick little womp...

Summervibes (Full Spektrum Remix) - Twisted

Cinematic vibes coming off this one, definitely a few Drum n Bass influences mixed with some big room Breaksie sounds.

Virus (Full Spektrum Remix) - Phaeleh

This last one is Plumps with a futuristic twist...

Future Past (Full Spektrum Remix) - Blackmass Plastic

These were my favourite 3 out of the 5 but you can pick up the whole release here.

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