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Soft and smooth...

Picked this mix up a while ago, kinda by accident but have listened it a few times now and I have to give it 10/10. I have to admit though, I'm a bit oblivious to this side of the scene but have been researching it more and more recently since seeing going and so expect to be hearing more in the future. It's very easy to get caught up with all the new shit and emails etc, kinda get sidetracked from the good stuff. From now on I am going to try and keep and emphasis on quality. If I slip up, please remind me! Silkie has released his debut album (I think, it's sposed to have been released but can't find any details if it has been or not!) on Deep Medi Musik.

"Deep Medi Musik are proud to present the debut album from one of dubstep’s most exciting artists: Silkie. Hailing from west London, “City Limits Volume 1” is a glorious explosion of physical energy and concentrated emotion. Deep Medi is the burgeoning stable of dubstep pioneer, Mala (Digital Mystikz/DMZ).

The combination of impassioned melodies, ruff London bass, wonky synth and jungle-esque flourishes on “City Limits Volume 1” have made Silkie and his
Anti Social Entertainment camp mainstays of the biggest and most influential venues in dubstep, like Fwd>>, DMZ London & Leeds, as well as London’s leading station Rinse FM.

The album is the culmination of eight years hard work: Silkie began producing at 15 while still at school. He’s now seeing the fruits of his labour with DJ bookings both across the UK and worldwide. Through his emotive production vision, he’s long since exploded beyond his own personal City Limits."


01. Silkie - Concrete Jungle - Deep Medi
02. Silkie - We Are Robots - Dub
03. Silkie - Turvy - Deep Medi
04. Silkie - Dam4 - Soul Jazz
05. Silkie - Spark - Deep Medi
06. Silkie - Float - Dub
07. Silkie - Sty - Deep Medi
08. Silkie - Lol - Dub
09. Silkie - Quasar - Deep Medi
10. Silkie - Test - Deep Medi
11. Silkie - Purple Love - Deep Medi
12. Silkie - Gypsy (Rmx) - Dub
13. Silkie - Planet Ex - Deep Medi
14. Silkie - I Sed - Deep Medi
15. Silkie - Head Butt Da Deck - Deep Medi
16. Silkie - Untitled - Dub
17. Silkie - Techno 22 - Deep Medi
18. Silkie - Untitled - Dub
19. Silkie - The Horizon - Deep Medi

Pitchfork makes good, interesting reading - you should definitely check it. If this floats your boat, the writer Martin Clark has his own blog too - Blackdown Soundboy.


radbourne said...

The release date for City Limits is 20th July for vinyl and 27th July for CD fyi, been pushed back so many times

Miig said...

ah nice one. looking forward to that album a lot. saw him at cable, sick set.