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Introducing .SØN!KA.

I heard this morning that Pond Life has had his tracks signed which is good news huh? Anyways kinda on the same vibe are these tracks from .sØn!ka.. He’s 19 years of age and hails from Costa Rica. He also has a collaboration project with UFO! called Cosmetics.

Stylistically, Cosmetics is characterized by melodic music with tearing out basslines and a distortion of reality aimed towards the blurring of dancefloor limits. Pushing eardrum boundaries with pounding original beats they achieve a fresh but slightly dark electronic sound.

"Our balance is that I come up with 50 ideas a minute, but don’t have the patience to ground one of them. He’s a real nerve in the studio, he grounds it, presses record, I play, he adds to it, and moves it around. There is no second guessing..." says Ed, who described their sessions very much fueled by well-made Costa Rican coffee, bread and butter.

These tracks are definitely fresh, this first one fuses liquid Drum n Bass with dark basslines and vocals to leave a kind of eary techy energetic underground feel…

Global Enemies (.sØn!ka. Remix) – Lynx & Kemo

Second is more on the Dubstep side with a very bouncy wobbly bassline. Still quite techy and definitely still strong Drum n Bass influences. Let it grow on you.

Eastern Promises (.sØn!ka. Remix) - Dr Kucho! [RUDEEE]


1. Evil Pervertions - .sØn!ka.
2. Motion Control - .sØn!ka. & UFO!

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