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Party and bullshit...

So I haven't posted properly for a week, bad huh?! Nevermind. (Not that the Boogaloo post doesn't count a proper post). There's been way more exciting stuff going on. Now, we've a fair amount of Dubstep recently so I've decided I think a little break is necessary. To start with we have a couple of bouncy tracks from the well known Rogue Element and Hostage.

Soundboy - Hostage
Medicine (The Rogue Element Remix) - Cagedbaby

Found this the other day by complete accident but this just empahsises to me why I rate Zombie Disco Squad a lot. Simple but effective. Are you a jacker?

Banton Boot - Zombie Disco Squad

This tune, well, Kidda is just sick. But... you'll all remember Herve's remix of their Under The Sun from last summer, this could be the replacement. HeavyFeet on point as usual. Unfortunately it's not the full track but you'll get the idea. Reckon it's getting a release or summink.

Strong Together (Heavyfeet Remix) - Kidda
This Time (Heavyfeet Remix) - DJ Antoine

And the last of this Electronic kinda stuff, these two are proper party tunes. NROTB remix is well put together, rolling bassline, ravey riffs and good use of the original vocals while the Blatta & Inesha remix is faster paced but still stuffed full of the ravey riffs. Rampage's War EP is now out on Beatport so go check the rest of it.

Hey You (NROTB Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run
War (Blatta & Inesha Remix) - Rampage

Zodiac Cartel's DJing and production doesn't fail to impress and think this might be my favourite Bulletproof remix.

L.E.S Artistes (Zodiac Cartel Remix) - Santigold
Bulletproof (Midfield General Remix) - La Roux

No Dubstep? Well, you might wanna pick up this up if you haven't already. More fresh sounds from Joker.

Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) - Zero 7

You can now buy the two Boogaloo tracks which I posted about below here.

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