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Introducing TLGB

I was in a really bad mood/tired after work today and not really up for a Friday night out but after listening to these four tracks from The Living Graham Bond I am quite literally Ready For The Weekend. I first heard of this guy when he won the AC Slater Hello remix competition due to the fact that his track is completely different from the original and very bright and bubbly. Check it.

Hello! (TLGB Remix) - AC Slater

I wanted to introduce him properly, unfortunately the emails kinda fizzled out a while ago but after discovering from his myspace that a few other remixes were on blogs I thought it's time for a post! Happy bouncy bubbly basslines for when you need a break from the normal heaviness. The "You're Not Alone" track has been given another life...

Tonight's Today (TLGB Remix) - Jack Penate
You're Not Alone (TLGB Remix) - Olive
Music Sounds Better With You (TLGB Remix) - Stardust

His first release "Just Getting Started" was on Venga's Made In 2010 compilation so pop over to Beatport and support a very worthy cause. Watch out and have a lovely weekend, be it at Latitude or Glade or whatever else is going on.

1 comment:

Bazzle said...

Cheers for these, all really good tunes.