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Substep Volume 7

Another mix? I know, you'll jus be thinking lazy posting but actually this mix is seriously good as well. When I saw the tracklisting I was instantly excited and even more impressed to see someone appreciating the talents of Wachs Lyrical. The excitement didn't cease as the listening went on and I'm currently halfway through my second listen already. Annias of Earthside Massive Records has impressed in all areas with this one.

"...conscious with intermittent bangers and some deep dub..."


01. The Streets - The Has It Come To This (Starkey Bass Mix)
02. Kontext - Plumes (Relocate Remix)
03. DG Yola - Aint Gonna Let Up (Starkey Remix)
04. Akira Kiteshi - Pinball
05. Toasty - On Something
06. Ebola - Teledildonics (Shitmat Remix)
07. Dune - In the Air (Part 2)
08. Rootah - Holy Mount Part 2
09. Cruel Culture - Future
10. Kode 9 and the Spaceape - Konfusion (Vocal mix)
11. Desto - One Ting Ft Mindman (Tes La Rok Remix)
12. Distance - Traffic (Goth Trad Remix)
13. The Subdivision - Le Mani Su
14. Pson - Crack Cocaine
15. Emalkay - Gut Feeling
16. Tenebrific - No 8
17. Richie August - Hustle Baby
18. Wachs Lyical - Pincer Strike
19. Enigma - Catacombs
20. DZ - Rollin (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
21. Rumblejunkie - The Rules
22. Ameniphus - Stanky Pussy
23. Vishnu - Power of Love


XCiT said...

Fucking sinister industrial sounds... all good. Thanks for posting.

Any idea where I can pick up the Pson and Tenebrific tracks?? They don't seem to exist anywhere...

Miig said...

not sure about the tenebrific one but i know that Pson's is on lock until he decides which direction he's going with it.

was definitely my favourite track in that mix!

XCiT said...

Yeah it's sickeningly good - all about that junglist break.

Guess I'll watch this space. Thanks for the info!