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Carrying on the hefty productions, Tek-One who we heard from in this post, is taking you to somewhere where you haven't been before. This track starts off with a kinda Chase n Status bass synth which then drops into a whole different world of musical noises. A world infested with huge bass and filthy metallical synths. Occasionally you start to slip into a daydream, not only to find your self making a quick u-turn back down the path you've just been up.

Broken String - Tek-One [HEAVY!]

(I'm not sure metallical is a word but hopefully you'll know what I mean!)


Anonymous said...

metallic you fools. as in metallic paint.

not metallical paint.

Miig said...

haha yeh i know!

metallical is a mixture between metallic and mechanical.

Hosta said...

Loving that track right now

Deadbeat said...

Bass sounds sort of... 3D, if that makes sense?