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Time for some...

I know the posts have been pretty scarce this month, not really sure why. Too much going out n stuff maybe. This should make up for it though. Lotsa tunes for you to party to, chill to, mix with, lose your mind to and generally do what you normally do with music. Listen and enjoy? Yeh that's what most people do.

First I have a couple of tunes which follow in the footsteps of Enigma's remix of Imogen Heap which seemed to go down so well. That track has been spread across the internet and had lotsa love all round so here's a couple more.

Ha Ha (Bassleak Remix) - Emiliana Torrini [youtube]
Headlock (PK Bootleg) - Imogen Heap
Lost - Slof Man [RUDEEE]

What's happened to all proper beats and heavy shit, it's been replaced by melodies and female vocals you might be thinking. Yeh, well, that's just what I'm in the mood for at the moment. For those that are pining for the other stuff... here you are. Two new producers with some filth.

Fail - Druley
Waking Up On Cloud 9 - Billy

This one take's a little while to drop but when it does, can imagine it to be pretty alright on a big system.

Callous - DZ & Redeyz

Saw Gentleman's Dub Club the other day and they were really impressive, as someone's said before, I'd have them play at my wedding. We heard from HavocNdeeD back in this post. This ones on the Dub Reggae tip, I dig lots.

Exodus (HavocNdeeD Remix) - Bob Marley

Zinc's been in the House game for a little while now. His latest Crack House mix has just come out which you can pick up here. This track has been released as part of the build up to Rinse's 15th Birthday. Not sure about the lyrics but nevermind.

All Your Base (Feat. Aloe Blacc) - Zinc

Now on the electro ish front, got a new one from one of our favourites, Foamo and another not so new from another favourite Stupid Fresh. Get the fuck up.

I'm In Love (Foamo Remix) - Dub Pistols
Twist (Stupid Fresh Remix) - Shab Ruffcut

And lastly, not sure how well this one will go down round this parts as it's the first of it's kind that I've posted. Anyone feeling this new Funky biz? I'm not so sure about it yet but this track is alright nonetheless. I'm so fly I feel like I'm skydiving. Quite catchy.

Skydiving (GreenMoney In Tha Sky Remix) - Twizzle

BONUS: Killin It - B Rich


romulus and remus said...

b.rich link just goes to beatport?

WallyG said...

too BUY the track yah fuck

its good for your vitamins

Anonymous said...

i personally like the chiller side of dubstep! more posts of songs like that would be loved (: