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After being active for half a year and having put out so much good Dubstep within those six months, Twenty/Twelve have received and scouted many many tunes so they've decided it was only right to build the second part of their three part series. "The Vertical Lion" was compiled over 3 months and has been a treat for them to work with so many talented individuals while they secured their spot on this mammoth release.

“The LP may have some bits that you have heard before and some bits that are completely unique to Twenty/Twelve. We are confident that this project is one our coolest releases and further drives the point home that we are NOT fucking 'round with dropping gems on you.

In terms of overall sound of the project , you may become confused as you preview the LP as we selected the most diverse tracks we could to match the sound of the Twenty/Twelve imprint. We have stuck to moto "we have no specific sound." Heads don't cling to one or two sub-genre's, we strictly put out what we like and hopefully everyone of you will find 5 or 6 cuts of the whole release..."

<a href="http://vandalism.20twelvedubstep.com/album/tt021lp-v-a-the-vertical-lion">THE LION SPEAKS... by Twenty/Twelve Netaudio</a>

01. The Lion Speaks [intro]
02. Are You Ready - FSTZ
03. Ride - Raspian
04. Snakes & Ladders - Anomie
05. Alleyway Dub Market – Netrik
06. Brutal – Richie August
07. Dub Cutz Vol. 2 – The Faun
08. Party People - Selfsimilar & Press
09. Shatter Cake – Ruckus & Roke
10. Kash - Whoami [RUDEEE]
11. The Guide - Fluid [RUDEEE]
12. Adrift – X-Zero [RUDEEE]
13. Neutrino Survivor – D-Struct
14. Depth Charge – J Nitrous
15. Unvisible – Tapir
16. Titan - Raspian
17. Get Close – Delta Labs [RUDEEE]
18. Be Specific – Capo
19. Summer Madness – Kid Logic
20. Don’t Cheat, Don’t Steal (Feat. Laney) – Jayou [RUDEEE]
21. Bloodsucka – Graish
22. Terrorize – Fatal Fury
23. Tranquil – Dayn
24. Sole Trader – Fused Forces
25. The End’s Now – Geochelone
26. Business As Usual - Graish [RUDEEE]

Don't be afraid to tell them what you think, you listeners make the project and your opinions matter. If you don't know by now, someone will gladly tell you, jus as long as you ask.

Make sure you check out the Vandals page where there’s plenty more free Dubstep put out by this hard working, smartly designed Net Label.


DJ Pressure said...

Im going to have a butchers and maybe use one for Dufluencial 7 ;)

Big up the Hush!

martin said...

track 12 is skankin! thanks for posting this

Miig said...

yeh there's definitely a few goodies in there, something for everyone.

jenai, looking forward to no. 7!