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Introduction To The New Boy...

For all you followers of this blog, I've heard there's thousands, you might be excited to hear that a new writer has been recruited! I hope you enjoy this magical experience through space and time...

My aim is to post stuff that you -

haven't heard before:

Drifter (Feat. Furlonge) - Brookes Brothers

See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix) - The Hours

listen to the first time and think nice, lovely, banging etc...

Dance Wiv Me (Aston Shuffle Remix) - Dizzee Rascal

listen to the first time and think - weird, but then go on to have a few more listens and actually you realise maybe those noises coming from the speaker are alright:

Movin - Hatcha vs Kromestar

Persi Needs - Hatcha vs Kromestar

Froggy Style - The Widdler

have heard before, love, but can't find on the tinterweb:

Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo/Malente ReRub) - Mystery Jets

Along with Fibs & Thade I like all sorts of music, mostly electronic, mostly dancey and mostly with some wonky bassline (pictured above). Recently I may have discovered the potential effect that minimal has on my ears. This broadens the genre box once more. I have a feeling though the minimal tracks I like in general are few and far between. When I find them I'll let you know. This one rolls along quite nicely.

Strawberry (Oscar Wedren Remix) - Adrian Lux

Enough of the chattin rubbish.

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Loads of Goods!

Havn't posted anything up for time due to the reason that i've been really busy with loads of work and lets be honest going out and getting of my tits.

The next episode of dance club is coming up in two weeks and we just got given a place as resident dj's which has put a big fat smile on my face.


The CottonMix Boys were kind enough to give us their mixtape to post up. Here is the Fibs & Thade minimix aswell for your pleasure.

Cotton Mix - Bassment Bash Mix

Fibs & Thade - MiniMix

I thought i'd post these tunes up for you all. Lets say all these tracks are EPIC!

Late of the Pier - Space and the Cowboys (Switch remix)

Foamo - Everything Cool

Foamo - Moving it over here

Kings of Leone - Using Sombody (Dolby Anol edit)

This next track isa cheeky dubstep track that is really getting my feet moving. enjoi x

Jakes - (3Kout (Original Mix)

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