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Brighton boys Laszlo Dancehall reunite for another EP on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic imprint. Comprised of Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers, the pair’s debut release Gave Up, with its three cuts of brawny loop-driven house, showed that the two producers’ styles were a perfect fit.

Its follow-up, LZD II, has garnered incoherent responses from across the DJ community, reducing even the otherwise eloquent Midland to a spluttering "Whut!! Gwarn". Opening track 'Whip What' picks up where 'Gave Up' left off, bringing in playful organs alongside its infectious vocal and honeyed bassline. On the flip, things get a little darker; hypnotic stomper Flute Worx makes for a decent mid-set transitional tune, while Fatty Que sees the duo dabbling in synths and muffled vocals.

LZD II - Laszlo Dancehall [MMAKEM009]

Overall, LZD II further cements Vynehall and Piers’ distinct and danceable sound. Importantly, it also shows that they’re unafraid of dipping into both the wonderful and the weird sides of house music.

[MMAKEM009] is out now via Juno.

Words by: Isaac Rangaswami


Preview: St John Sessions, November 2013

Having previously welcomed the likes of Actress, Tim Hecker, and Nils Frahm to the church which they call home, St John Sessions continue their series of live events, showcasing the best in experimental, ambient music.

The next event, featuring Biosphere, Perc, and EQLS takes place on 7th November. If you like your music to be delivered in sonic landscape form, you'd be silly to miss this one.

Tickets are available here. Find out more on Facebook.


Featuring WILL & INK

The Dutch duo's second EP on their self titled sub-label - part of the Delsin family - is a welcome companion to the Fermat EP that marked their debut.

The A-side has a feel indebted to the schaffel sounds popular on Kompakt, but with a much harder feel, a cavernous, echoing drumbeat and an underlying acid squelch emerging in the second half. On the flip, 'Second Wilson' is an incessant techno stormer, with a melody of synth stabs and voice fragments giving it a nervous edge. 'Third Wilson' continues this theme, but with a more scattered vibe; there's a definite nod towards the Hessle Audio aesthetic in its synth sounds if you ask us.

Wilson EP - Will & Ink [WNK]

[WNK002] is scheduled to be released on October 28th, pre-order it now over at Juno.

Words by: Jason Rule


Introducing LEIBNIZ

23-year-old producer Leibniz has produced his debut EP for Fourth Wave, delivering three raw house cuts.

First up is 'What Matters'; an aquatic sounding melody is carried along by a jacking beat and filtered percussion, reminiscent of Smallpeople and Rau's Meadows EP. The tune doesn't lose any originality though, with the melody pulsating in and out for its duration, creating a very well-rounded club track.

'Bring It Don't Sing It Part 1' and 'Part 2' are less subdued, with euphoric synths creating an infectious melody over a warm kick, contrasting with the rough, analog drums. We expect you'll be hearing 'Part 2' in quite a few sets over the next few months.

What Matters / Bring It Don't Sing It EP – Leibniz [Fourth Wave]

[4TH012] is available to pre-order now.

Words by: Owen Spalding



As we draw ever closer to the big five-o, the next offering in our mix series comes from the rapidly name Massimo Di Lena. You may have clocked his Hardlife EP which featured in many festival sets this summer. He’s recently uploaded two lost and found tapes of sandy techno which you can sample below. These were made in 2011 and many may think these are among his first output but this artist ain't new to the producing game. He's previously put out a number of releases on a variety of labels under his Massi DL alias - generally falling somewhere in the Minimal/Tech bracket.

The mix features erratic Techno and jackin’ House cuts whilst grooving through some exclusive forthcoming material.

HH MIX #048 - Massimo Di Lena [download]

No tracklist.

Keep up to date on Facebook and Soundcloud.


HUSH HOUSE presents A Secret Love Affair

We return to Mint Club in Leeds this Friday with our residents providing the soundtrack from start to finish. Indulge yourself in our Secret Love Affair.

Cheap tickets are available from Resident Advisor and Ticket Arena.


Featuring MEDLAR

Medlar AKA Ned Peglar has been releasing EPs on Brighton's Wolf Music for a little over 3 years now. His style of music has a tendency to include elements of classic Chicago and NY house, as well as more bass-orientated influences and a knack for experimentation using synths and pitch-shifted vocal samples.

His new album 'Sleep' is a good indicator of what he is capable of in terms of production, and it also gives you a sense of the breadth of his sound. The music carries a certain understated and confident tone that resonates throughout the LP. The manipulation of the piano, cello and other acoustic instruments give the work a natural, earthy feel, not totally dissimilar from that of Archie Pelago. If this LP is any indication, Medlar will be up to big things in the near future.

The Sleep LP is available now from Juno.


Featuring R-ZONE

As 2013 rolls on, the weird and seemingly directionless nature of underground and eclectic dance music continues. R-Zone is a label that represents a collective of established artists, working under one anonymous pseudonym. By releasing their work under this guise, it challenges them to release material that doesn't rely on a well known label name or producer's 'street cred' to generate interest.

'Rebecca in the Hall' is the first track on R-Zone 06 and is a good gateway track for what the label is all about. a 303 bassline meets terse percussion and other spacial effects with the occasional injection of a vocal sample. 'Romijn Ravine' touches on the breakbeats and ravey synths reminiscent of UK hardcore, while 'Night Level II' rounds out the EP with similar otherworldly and synth laden 4/4 sounds.

Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II - R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

You can pick up this up at Juno this month, and check out the rest of the labels back catalogue here.



For our latest podcast, we welcome Milan-based duo Hiver. Residents at Dude Club, their DJing style has turned many a head, with a strong selection across the board of disco, house and techno. They've also released a few records themselves, their most recent offering on Curle Recordings featuring a remix from Tobias.

Blue Aconite EP – Hiver [Curle]

From the podcast they've put together for us,  it's easy to see these guys have a lot of talent. Starting off deep and dubby, the duo expertly notch the tempo up, serving up some rather grooving techno. It's a peachy one, this.

HH MIX #047 - HIVER [download]



We're playing in Norwich this Thursday for Deep Trouble. Click the flyer for more details.



"FEAR NOT, HUMANS" reads the runout on Massimo Di Lena's slightly delayed release, providing four off-kilter techno cuts on the label he runs with some friends from Naples, Early Sounds Recordings. Massimo has had a series of top release on labels such as Clone Royal Oak, receiving support from the likes of Midland and Ben UFO.

'Hardlife' bubbles with oddly pitched vocals and filtered gritty percussion. It's the unquantised mercy-esque bassline that drives the track though. 'Halfway Ritmo' follows a similarly shaky format with ghostly undercurrents. Following the chugging rhythms on 'Insnty', personal favourite 'Fireflora' features distorted toms and flurries of hats with the signature oddball vocal excerpts.

Hardlife EP - Massimo Di Lena [Early Sounds]

Buy the 12" at Juno.

Featuring dBRIDGE

Few would have guessed that dBridge would be the next to join the R&S Records renaissance, which has been spearheaded thus far by the likes of Lone, James Blake, Blawan and Space Dimension Controller.

[RS1311] sees Darren Smith partner two chunky drum 'n' bass workouts with a more experimental cut in the shape of 'Plain To See'. Here's to hoping Smith will reappear on R&S in the future.

Plain To See - dBridge [R&S Records]

Available from Juno now.

On another note...R&S printed some really nice, Joy Division-inspired t-shirts to celebrate their 30 year anniversary. Click the image below to pick one up.



Perseus Traxx's label Future Flash has recently put out its fourth release, a single-sided record courtesy of Perseus Traxx himself and the unknown quantity Operator Tracey. First up, Operator Tracey delivers a cutting critique on the current EDM phenomena that is unfolding around the globe. The clear message being that EDM 'is nothing to do with us'. A stark comparison being made between the overpaid superstar DJs of this world and the underground artists producing innovative music with true artistic value. Asides from the important social commentary Operator Tracey offers up a top quality track that weaves 303 acid lines around a solid rolling bassline.

Label boss Perseues Traxx takes care of things deftly on his portion of the record. 'Across the North Sea' is a beautifully crafted piece of driving techno that constitutes an eight-minute-long nautical saga, overflowing with rich sonic imagery. Perseus Traxx has truly established himself as a master of his trade, his astute mechanical manipulations consistently produce the highest calibre of music.

Future Flash 004 – Operator Tracey / Perseus Traxx [Future Flash]

The release is available now in both vinyl and WAV formats and can be purchased directly from Bandcamp. The limited vinyl record comes with a wax seal on the label bearing the Future Flash logo. We're also very excited to announce that we have an exclusive mix in the pipeline from Perseus Traxx, so keep your ears to the ground for that.



The two characters behind this project may be more familiar than you first realise, especially if you caught the mix they did for us two whole years ago (listen here).

Consolidating their collaborative work under the unassuming guise of Alan Johnson, the duo are about to release their debut 12" on Blank Mind Records. Both cuts occupy an unsurprisingly dark sonic territory and tread the line between dance floor and experimentation perfectly. A-side 'Goron Sound' is the one for us, an eyes-down affair that sounds like the ghost of UK funky.

[BLNK004] will be available soon. Don't forget to follow PYC Sessions & Anti-Long to keep up to date with all things Manchester.


DIANA - Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix)

Ahead of their debut album Perpetual Surrender, Canadian outfit DIANA have made Four Tet's excellent remix of the title track available for free.

Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix) - DIANA [Jagjaguwar]

Go grab a copy of this remix from the website and look out for DIANA's debut album, which drops on the 20th of August.



Facebook event.

More info over at our fresh website.


Featuring SAINE

Finnish producer Saine is fresh from releasing his latest EP, which came out on Berlin-based Odd Socks and includes three original tracks as well as a remix by Glenn Astro and Imyrmind. To celebrate we are delighted to offer his track 'Bandit' as an exclusive free download. It's a hip-hop tinged roller with all sorts of friendly echoes and reverbs circling around - very nice indeed.

Bandit - Saine [download]

Grab the free download and pick up the Odd Socks release from Beatport.


Introducing STATE

One of our writers, and all round top boy, Nick Jesson (AKA State) has just put out his debut release with new label No Logo. No Logo started out as club night a couple of years ago in one of Southampton's most loved venues, 'The Cellar', and ever since has been the standard bearer for an evolving music scene in the coastal city. Recently, No Logo has begun to spread it's wings by booking Levon Vincent and Pearson Sound with neighbouring promoters Aka Aka Roar and Boxed Sound for Southampton's most exciting night yet. They are due to put on a showcase in room 2 at Motion in Bristol at the end of the month. Event info here. Clips for the release below and you can grab the record at Phonica, Chemical and Redeye as well as directly through No Logo's website.

State EP – State [No Logo]

Nick's talents are not merely confined to producing. He's also a pretty tidy disc jockey. You can have a listen to his latest mix for the Only Vibez crew below.

OVMIX010 – State


Review: ECHO FESTIVAL 2013

photo credit: Here & Now

This year's Echo Festival was as unpredictable as it was enjoyable. The secluded site provided a place for festival goers to party hassle-free for the duration of the four nights of music. While there were a few mishaps, including a generator failure on Thursday, festivities carried on undeterred.

One of the Friday night highlights was hearing Redshape play an improvised live set of his own material. Hearing his version of Martyn's 'We Are You In The Future' recreated live was a an experience we'll not soon forget. Other highlights included Nick Höppner's sunrise set on Saturday night, which included various forms of 4/4 house and techno and spurred us on to party well into Sunday afternoon. Delano Smith's set of deeper house fare and Space Dimension Controller's singalong selections were similarly well received. Some quality tunes could also be heard on the beach throughout the afternoon, sets from Outboxx and Nick Rejam in particular stood out above the rest.

While the festival is only in it's second year, it is likely to gain momentum next year as people are sure to return for the intimate venue and experience. The convenience of the site that included the beach, stages, small bars, restaurants, supermarket, and accommodation is certainly a plus when you aren't looking to stray too far from the excitement. But of course, the best thing about Echo festival is the talent selection, and we will look forward to see who is on the bill for next year's event.

Keep up to date and check out more photos from the event via their Facebook and website.


Don't Be Afraid w/ Marco Shuttle & Nick Craddock

With both having contributed to our mix series, and with Nick having played superbly at our loft party, it should come as no surprise that we want to recommend this party to you.

Don't Be Afraid on Saturday 27th July will see Marco Shuttle and Nick Craddock play back to back with Cassie Clarke and Hyperdub's Videeo in support.

HH MIX #038 - Marco Shuttle [download]

HH MIX #045 - Nick Craddock [download]

Tickets and details via RA and Facebook.



Untitled B1 - Marcellis [Workshop]

Marcellis re-emerged on Workshop Records last year with a solo 12" and a contribution to the various artists' release WORKSHOP15. An element of psychedelia revolves in his productions and also in the exclusive mix he kindly sent over. Immerse yourself for 65 minutes and look out for more material and potential DJ appearances from Marcellis later this year.

HH MIX #044 - Marcellis [download]


Featuring DELSIN

Delsin Records celebrate an incredible 100 releases with a run of five limited EPs featuring various artists. Seventeen years on from their first release, the label has pushed quality music from the likes of Hush House favourites Redshape and Mike Dehnert.

The first limited 12" comes in transparent white, and kicks off with 'Fighting the Blind Man', a driving but spacious effort from Manchester's Claro Intelecto. Up next, Gerry Read provides a scuffed cut of house titled 'Granny Bag', featuring flangey synths and bustling percussion. In keeping with the atmospheric but dancefloor prepped theme, Siberia's Unbroken Dub offers the machine workout 'Spacing', with thick synth chords and prominent drums.

All five EPs can be bought as part of a boxset, and future contributors to the series include Delta Funktionen, John Beltran, Conforce and Herva.

100 DSR/VAR 1 – Claro Intelecto / Gerry Read / Unbroken Dub [Delsin]

Check out Delsin's vast back catalogue of amazing music, and buy the limited 12" at Juno.


Featuring TAZZ

Underground Quality certainly lived up to its name on its 26th release back in 2010. Canadian producer Tazz (and Bacanito on keys & bass) takes care of things on the A-side whilst label boss Jus-Ed steps up on the flip. The title track, 'Acid Love', sees sultry acid tones juxtaposed with warm piano chords while 'Underground 11' is a solid, no-nonsense house cut that provides a solid groove throughout. Jus-Ed's rework delivers ten minutes of hypnotic and therapeutic synths with just enough momentum to keep feet shuffling on the floor.

Acid Love – Tazz [Underground Quality]

The record is still available at Redeye and is going cheap on Discogs. It would be rude not to.



The new album from Christelle Gualdi (AKA Stellar OM Source) entitled Joy One Mile is one that defies categorisation. It would be difficult to classify the album solely as techno in the traditional sense, as Gualdi's knack for programming and harmonic abstraction push the album into the realm of the experimental. This being said, most of the tracks do rely on steady rhythms to propel them forward, which places the album into a grey area between conventional dance and the avant-garde.

Joy One Mile (Preview) - Stellar Om Source [RVNG Internationl]

'Polarity' opens the album with a mixture of percussive elements and a throbbing bass synth. Kick drums chop in and out throughout the track, giving the track a wobbly unsteadiness, a theme that recurs throughout the album. 'Par Amour' then follows with its rave like synth stabs and a vocal that sounds like it could be from an old Inner City track. The heavy use of 909 and 303 sounds on this album nod to classic Detriot techno, as well as Chicago acid, but these elements are mutated through the abstractions in programming. 'The Range' provides listeners with what appears to be Gualdi's take on contemporary bass music, whilst 'Trackers' is a study in hyper synth arpeggio that eventually gives way to cool pads and 303 sounds towards the end of the record.

The single from album 'Elite Excel' stands to demonstrate the concept of the album best, constantly morphing, twisting and is really several small compositions in one track. 'Fascination' begins with an airy, cosmic synth line and a few percussive elements, before it gives way to a heavy, albeit stuttery, 4/4 bass kick. Almost every track on the album has some kind of redeeming quality, and also serves to push our own perceptions of what is and isn't right for use on the dance floor.

It should be noted that Gunnar Wendel (AKA Kassem Mosse) was a collaborator on the album and his remix of Elite Excel is included on the CD / digital version. If you decide to pick up the vinyl, which you can do from Juno, then it's advised you download the Kassem remix via the code included with the release.

1. Polarity
2. Par Amour
3. The Range
4. Trackers
5. Elite Excel
6. Fascination
7. Natives / Most Answers Never Unveiled
8. Elite Excel (Kassem Mosse Remix) (Bonus Track)

Digital is available for download from Bandcamp.


Featuring PEV & HODGE

Hodge has been busy recently, having dropped his debut album with Outboxx. However, he has found time to link up with fellow Bristolian Peverelist for a two-track EP on Punch Drunk, which you may have heard in Kowton's excellent XLR8R mix.

Both tracks centre on the chiming bell synth but have distinct characters which should please both house and dubstep fans. 'Dream Sequence' features the distinct bell melody filtered eerily over a single kick drum and flurry of hi hats, whilst 'System Mix' has Pev's dubbier spring-reverbed percussion and swung beats over the delayed chimes. Both tunes are around 120 bpm but this pace adds to the hallucinogenic tone of the EP. Recently, Punch Drunk's output has highlighted the sense of Bristol camaraderie, and hopefully these two will work again soon.

Grab it now, directly from Punch Drunk.



After a slick collaboration with Christian Piers last month, Leon Vynehall returns solo with the fantastic Brother/Sister EP on Will Saul's Aus Music.

He gets things started with a well layered, dance floor mover in "Brother" which builds into a groove highlighted by a few well placed piano stabs. "Sister" in contrast is a slower and smoother affair, focused more on the after hours than the club but still retaining the vibe laid down on the flipside. All in all a top notch release from an artist that continues to grow and impress with all of his recent material.

[AUS1348] is out now on Aus and is available from Juno.



Steven Tang has arrived with his first LP, 'Disconnect to Connect', filled to the brim with spaced-out jams and percussive house.

'Interstice' starts off the LP in a laid-back fashion, with sweeping deep chords joined by shuffling drums that echo throughout the rest of the record. Title track 'Disconnect to Connect' starts off similarly, the percussion creating a tough groove to contrast with the blissed-out synth and deep bass line - there's something otherworldly about this one.

'Some Solace', 'Heat Burst', and 'Sunspot' explore the acid side of things a bit more, although in different ways. 'Some Solace', very much in the same vain as 'Disconnect to Connect', is chilled-out and bursting with layer upon layer of atmosphere. 'Heat Burst' on the other hand takes acid head on, with Tang using complicated drum patterns and tight 303 programming to create a dark and intense stomper. 'Sunspot' lies somewhere in between the two, this time the percussion taking a bit more of a backseat, instead letting the deep, almost dubby kick do the talking.

Disconnect to Connect LP – Steven Tang [Smallville]

'It's Perceived as a Sound' is similar in ways to 'Interstice', this time the chords accompanied by a lazy but great sounding broken-beat. 'Potential Light' carries the LP rather nicely to 'Brink of Dawn', which rather fittingly rounds off the LP; bleached out and heady, this one is best left for the end of the night.

[SMALLVILLELP 07] will be available 15th July, from Juno.



Idiosyncratic Norwegian label Sex Tags and its various offshoots rarely disappoint. This one accredited to 'Unknown Artist' is an absolute stunner, so simple but so perfect. C2 is a beaut as well. If you've got a spare 50 quid you can grab the record on Discogs. No audio for the flip side on the internet but i would bet my house on it being just as lovely.


Preview ECHO FESTIVAL 2013

Summer is finally upon us, and what better way to kick things off than Echo Festival on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Each year, the Echo crew bring some of the finest talents in electronic music to the Istrian region. With a focus on forward thinking house producers from the UK and elsewhere, this team has gone above and beyond to assemble what must be some of the finest names in the business for this event. Echo has posted up some imagery of the site on their facebook page and it looks absolutely ideal for an intimate beach-side festival.

Returning for our second year, we're hosting the Thursday night stage featuring the talents of Smallville recording's Christopher Rau. If you caught him play at our Echo Festival warm-up in Leeds, you'll know that the man can deliver the goods in the form of his unique brand of deep and eclectic house. Also playing on the night is another producer and DJ who we've featured at our nights in the past, Bristolian native October. He's been hard at work in the studio as of late and we're looking forward to seeing what he pulls out of his bag on the night. Last but not least, we'll have warm-up support from our own Dylan Thompson, Nathan Brush and R&J to make sure the night gets started the right way.

There's so much talent lined up for the rest of the festival, that it becomes difficult to do it all justice here in this write-up. Throughout the rest of the weekend, revelers will be treated to a diversity of sounds, from the rhythmic concoctions of Kassem Mosse, to the deep atmospherics of Fred P. We're also anticipating Ostgun Ton boss Nick Höppner's set, as well as sets from Redshape, BLM, Madteo, Outboxx and many others. Echo have started releasing details about who is playing when on their facebook fan page, so be sure to check it out there. If there's any doubt in your mind about making the last minute arrangements necessary to attend this event, then hopefully we've convinced you that the festival will be a special experience and one that may be the highlight of your summer or year. We'll see you there...


Featuring REDSHAPE

Redshape's forthcoming release Red Pack II on Delsin records is comprised mainly of quality industrial and sci-fi laden techno. 'Disco Marauder' delivers the classic Redshape sound with buzzing and bleeping beats and a great ethereal synth line that runs throughout. There are also elements of the EP, such as the track 'Daft Mode', which nod to classic Detroit, with a tough mechanical feel and dark chords. We're highly recommending this one so discover the rest of the EP for yourself.

Daft Mode - Redshape [Delsin]

Pre-order it from Juno here or Delsin here.


Introducing WHILK & MISKY

New production duo out of London with a live show coming soon. We're predicting big things after hearing their new one.

Darklands - Whilk & Misky [download]

Follow on Facebook and Soundcloud.


Introducing SAGE CASWELL

Straight from the heart of Los Angeles underground house scene comes Sage Caswell, a somewhat mysterious young producer. With a free two-track EP dropping at the end of last month to a great response, it leaves the door wide open with a promise for more.

Walk It Off - Sage Caswell

Next month sees Caswell collaborate with fellow LA producer Cromie on the debut EP for Brooklyn label Peach, run by Rem Koolhaus of the legendary TURRBOTAX® parties. The EP features two original tracks plus two great remixes from Ghosts on Tape and the always on point Kyle Hall.

Vines / Pyrex - Sage Caswell & Cromie [forthcoming on Peach]

To add to that, his remix for JRapp came out last week on Bass Machine Music and a future release on Amadeus Records is already in the pipeline. Keep your ear to the ground, you'll be hearing a lot more from Sage Caswell.


Introducing MGUN

Manuel Gonzalez (aka MGUN) had a productive last portion of 2012 with releases on Don't Be Afraid as well as The Trilogy Tapes. His distinctly weird and lo-fi sound resides somewhere in between Detroit techno and the more experimental fare of producers such as Container.

On the If You're Reading This EP you'll find six more tracks of MGUN brand techno and electro weirdness. Tracks such as 'Bean Chirp' and 'Funnel Vision' provide us with brief glimpses into the bizarre and dystopian world of this producer, with crunchy kicks and hi-hats meeting strange analog synths. The EP is diverse in its range, fans of last year's 'The Race' are certain to find kinship with the track 'Jijijijij$ijijijiji', a similar excursion into the world of lo-fi and ghetto breakbeat techno. With 'Proxy' and 'Tritan' Gonzales delivers two longer tracks that lean more towards dance floor use. Acid lines gurgle away on 'Proxy' until at the end of the record everything seems to malfunction and collapse in on itself, before beginning again. 'Tritan' emerges as the most atmospheric track on the EP, with synths colliding and a solid drum track that serves to drive the whole thing forward.

If You're Reading This EP - MGUN [Don't Be Afraid]

Gonzales manages to keep expectations high with this release, and you can pick it up from Juno on May 20th.


Secret Loft Party w/ Nick Craddock

As the weather gets warmer and another academic year draws to a close, we thought it would only be right to end on a high with one last Hush House before we all get off for the summer...

As dedicated followers of Leeds nightlife, you're undoubtedly familiar with that old "SECRET VENUE TBA" patter - buzzing thinking you're gonna be partying like it's 1989 in some mad derelict warehouse, only to find it's that tired old gaff you went to last month, where you froze your arse off and got your trainers covered in grubby white muck. Now that the time's come for us to take a break from our usual home on Park Cross Street, we're looking to do things a little differently.

It's a basic and unfussy dancing space on the second (or maybe third) floor of an old warehouse building just a couple of minutes from Leeds city centre. It's never been used for this kinda thing before, and might never get used again. Just a dancefloor, some decks, a big old sound system and maybe a couple of strobes. This one's about the tunes. (Oh, there'll be a very reasonably priced bar and some toilets too).

Underlying Form 006 - Nick Craddock [Underlying Form]

We've invited Nick Craddock to come and play some records for us. Hailing from just down't road in Huddersfield, Craddock was raised on a diet of superlative house and techno at legendary establishments such as Manchester's Bugged Out!, Liverpool's Voodoo and The Orbit in nearby Morley. Enthused by turn-of-the-century sounds from Perlon, Kompakt, Playhouse and Klang, a cleverly-timed move to London saw him hook up with Portable and Lakuti and become a resident at their famed (and now sadly defunct) Süd Electronic nights - supporting the likes of Jus-Ed, Lawrence and Efdemin at their first UK gigs. These days Nick spends his time playing top-drawer London parties such as Rhythm Section, Plex, To The Bone and Kiss Me Again. He also holds a residency at our old mate Semtek's Don't Be Afraid nights and is a regular on NTS Radio. I (Dylan) also bought some records off him on Discogs once. Nice one for that, Nick.

Perplexing - Nick Craddock [Plex London]

We're not gonna say "capacity is limited" because the capacity of every club in the world (and indeed the world itself) is limited. Basically, it's not a big room so there really aren't very many tickets going for this one. We're not trying to blag you here. Exams are/will be over, so come and celebrate at Hush House. It's gonna be good.

Online tickets are available from Eventbrite and will be followed by a handful of physical ones. RA users can keep up to date here.


Featuring HUERCO S.

The hotly anticipated Apheleia's Theme EP is due to be released some point soon courtesy of Future Times records. Usually I have a strong disdain for anything music related with the word 'future' in it but the New York imprint has lead me to rethink my vocabulary related prejudices. The Future Times back catalogue is well worth checking out with some great contributions from the likes of Maxmillion Dunbar and Rhythm Based Lovers (AKA Jason Letkiewicz) . All three tracks on the Apheleia's Theme EP are of a really high calibre, Huerco S. is quickly establishing himself as one of the top producers in the game with his consistently classy and intelligent output.

Apheleia's Theme - Huerco S. [Future Times]

In other news the man from missouri has recently served up a cracking debut EP under his new regal scandinavian guise, The Royal Crown of Sweden. The A side tracks are hazy and lethargic while the B side tracks take on a more upbeat, soulful and then disco tinted hue. Really strong release, definitely worth picking up.

R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R - Royal Crown Of Sweden [Proibito]

Echo Festival 2013

More info here.



Laszlo Dancehall is the new moniker for the collaboration between Christian Piers and Leon Vynehall, with their first EP together next week on Man Make Music.

Christian Piers is still a fresh face on the scene with only a couple of releases to his name, most notably on the label he runs with A1 Bassline, Source Unknwn. Vynehall on the other hand has had a great 12 months with well received releases on Well Rounded Housing Project and Man Make Music.

The collaboration works well and all three tracks are solid and well produced. Even though 'Gave Up' was featured on George Fitzgerald's Essential Mix and will be the go-to for most, 'Ain't No Time' is really the standout track of the EP. You can grab a copy of the Gave Up EP on vinyl at Juno right now, with the digital following shortly.



Massive remix from Mr Beatnick due out 20 May 2013 - order it here.

Pyramid (Mr Beatnick Remix) - Photek [Photek Productions]

Also check his 'Savannah EP' on Don't Be Afraid for some perfect summer lazing material.


Sonar 2013 Recommendations

There's an abundance of parties in and around Barcelona during Sonar so making the right decision can be tricky. Here are our picks for Friday and Saturday. Tickets have been on sale a little while so are on final release. Grab em while you can.

Friday 14 June
17:00 - 05:00

Planet E at Esferic

Carl Craig
Nina Kraviz
DJ Stingray 313


Saturday 15 June
14:00 - 23:59

Indigo Raw at El Monestario

DJ Koze
Isolée (live)
Matthew Dear
Dürerstuben (live)



Featuring WORKSHOP

We don't often post mixes that aren't part of our series, but this one is just a bit too good. Recorded at a jam with friends in 2010, Even Tuell cruises through for almost three hours, flying the Workshop Records flag.

Even Tuell - meandyou. Mix 01

Meandyou., who will play host to a full Workshop night at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester on Saturday, also caught up with Tuell for an interesting interview.


Featuring SYCLOPS

No doubt about it, this one is special. Maurice Fulton tears up the rule book in emphatic style on his latest album for Running Back records. The aptly named 'Blink of an Eye' LP is outstanding from start to finish, with brilliantly orchestrated tracks that simultaneously harness a plethora of styles. Intelligent percussion, cosmic synths and jazz interludes are a common theme throughout. Clips below courtesy of Juno, but all of the full tracks are available on Youtube.

The LP appears to be sold out at most of the online retailers but if you are quick you can still grab a copy over at Redeye. Failing that you can always download it. You can catch Maurice Fulton in action this weekend at Pleasure Principle along with a whole host of other quality acts. Lineup and tickets are available from the Pleasure Principle website.



Praveen and Travis, aka Braille and Machinedrum, return to Hotflush in their Sepalcure guise with a third EP to follow up their self-titled debut album. Make You features five brand new tracks that draw from all different styles and are blended together with the exceptional drum programming and production that put Sepalcure on the map in the first place.

Make You EP - Sepalcure [Hotflush Recordings]

Whitney Houston samples, jungle breaks and beautiful synths aplenty make this fourth Sepalcure release as must-have as the previous installments. You can get your copy right now on wax or digitally at Juno.


Featuring B.I.S. RECORDS

NYC radio show, Beats In Space, has been broadcasting weekly since 1999 and has since spawned club nights and a record label. Last summer the label expanded to include B.I.S. Records, an offshoot strictly for exclusive bootlegs and special edits, after radio show host and label boss Tim Sweeney took a trip to Italy. There he met DJ Steve, butcher by day and resident DJ at a local nighclub by night.

"This guy was the real deal. He was playing dubplates, vinyl, cassettes, and reel-to-reels. All special edits he had done over the years. I couldn't believe what I was hearing." - Tim Sweeney

Special Cuts #3 & #4 - DJ Steve [B.I.S. Records]

A handful of those edits and dubplates were recorded in NYC after DJ Steve appeared on the Beats In Space radio show and became the starting point for the Special Cuts series. The first 12" came out at the end of last summer and this month sees cuts #3 and #4 become available on very limited vinyl via Juno and Phonica.



Next up to bat in our exclusive mix series is Presk. Last year the Dutchman released a string of solid EPs on labels such as Fourth Wave and Audio Culture but has been pretty quiet so far this year. Back in February he took his talents across the pond for a pumping reshuffle of Tazz's 'Piano Kinesis' on New Kanada but there's no news of any forthcoming releases as of yet. The mix comes in slightly shorter than usual at 50 minutes but packs a full punch with heavy, dancefloor ready jams throughout.

HH MIX #043 - Presk [download]

01. A Guy Called Gerald - Groove Of The Ghetto [Bosconi]
02. Delano Smith - Mariana's Song [Mixmode]
03. Panos & Sentenza - Tabletop Romance [Soweso]
04. Unknown - Untitled [???]
05. Roman Lindau - Pop Moderne [Fachwerk]
06. Felix Lenferink - Third Bouree (Frits Wentink Remix) [Fourth Wave]
07. Bobby Champs - Stanton Shuffle [WNCL]
08. Sei A - Hawk Tone [Kompakt Extra]
09. Tazz - Piano Kinesis (Presk Remix) [New Kanada]
10. Marcus Worgull & Osunlade - Reno [Innervisions]
11. Unknown - Untitled [???]
12. Will & Ink - First Fermat B1 [forthcoming Will & Ink]
13. The Oliverwho Factory - Before [Dolly]

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Featuring OUTBOXX

Previous Hush House guests and firm favourites Outboxx have never let themselves be pigeonholed. Be it slow, dubbed out grooves or more uptempo house, Jacob and Matt haven't skimped on quality production. Their self-titled debut LP on Idle Hands proves no different.

Having released an album sampler earlier this year, you would be forgiven for expecting a similar sound throughout the album, although that doesn't seem to be the case. Slow jam 'Home' kicks off the proceedings, with warm keys and soulful vocals perfectly easing you into the rest of the record. 'All The Right Moves' is a smooth, easy listening affair, the rhodes hook and snipped up vocals all working together to create a definite summer tune - expect to hear this on a few terraces.

All The Right Moves – Outboxx [Idle Hands]

'Jewel City' brings the LP back down to slow jam territory and is a welcome interlude after 'Jaded' and 'Sunshine Mills'. 'Thrashing Groovster' and 'Withdrawal' take the record darker, with brooding basslines and melodies; the pair haven't often ventured into such territories but they pull it off with aplomb. The album comes to a close with 'My Destination', a deep and indulgent tune that is sure to shake a few sound systems in the near future.

However, the real gem comes midway through the LP. 'Lost Soul' is Outboxx's only venture into garage on the record, and it's clear they know what they're doing. The 2-step beat and girl next door vocals are somewhat typical of the genre, but it's the incidental synth and echoey melody that really set the tune apart. Instant replay.

Outboxx's debut LP is set for release on Idle Hands on 22nd April but you can give their brilliant mix for us another listen in the meantime.

HH Mix #031 - Outboxx


Echo Festival Warm Up w/ Christopher Rau & October

As we just about get around to recovering from our first birthday last month, we’re back at The Garage on Friday 19th April. The good people at Echo Festival have put together quite the line-up for their sophomore year on the Croatian coast, and even invited us lot to host a stage on the Thursday night. So we thought it’d only be right to return the favour and throw a little warm-up bash here in Leeds. The line-up’s the same, although unfortunately it’s not taking place on a beach - you’ll have to come with us in June for that.

Marbled World - Christopher Rau [Never Learnt]

Hamburg’s Christopher Rau has released on labels such as Mule Musiq, Ethereal Sound, Pampa and Hypercolour – not forgetting two cracking albums (and a bunch of singles) on Smallville. He collaborates with his mate Moomin under the name Roaming too. You’d probably call his music ‘deep house’, but you won’t find any shufflers in here. It’s melodic, highly attractive and just a little bit quaint, yet never fails on the ‘floor. DJ sets from Mr. Rau are relatively hard to come by on these fair shores, so don’t miss out.

Fabric Promo Mix - Christopher Rau

It’s been a crazy six months or so for October. Since we hosted his Leeds debut back in September the boy from Bristol has (deep breath): turned in a stellar Resident Advisor podcast, put out a couple of widely-acclaimed releases in collaboration with Will Saul and John Osborn (as well as a recent solo outing on NYC’s Voodoo Down Records Records) and even made his Panorama Bar debut last month. Those of you in attendance back in September will know what’s on the menu – rugged, well-oiled house and techno from a real pro.

RA. 339 - October

And as if that isn't enough, Fullbarr Records will be taking over Waxwerks again! Grab your tickets now and we'll see you on the 19th. RA users can keep up to date here.