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HUSH HOUSE presents A Secret Love Affair

We return to Mint Club in Leeds this Friday with our residents providing the soundtrack from start to finish. Indulge yourself in our Secret Love Affair.

Cheap tickets are available from Resident Advisor and Ticket Arena.


Featuring MEDLAR

Medlar AKA Ned Peglar has been releasing EPs on Brighton's Wolf Music for a little over 3 years now. His style of music has a tendency to include elements of classic Chicago and NY house, as well as more bass-orientated influences and a knack for experimentation using synths and pitch-shifted vocal samples.

His new album 'Sleep' is a good indicator of what he is capable of in terms of production, and it also gives you a sense of the breadth of his sound. The music carries a certain understated and confident tone that resonates throughout the LP. The manipulation of the piano, cello and other acoustic instruments give the work a natural, earthy feel, not totally dissimilar from that of Archie Pelago. If this LP is any indication, Medlar will be up to big things in the near future.

The Sleep LP is available now from Juno.


Featuring R-ZONE

As 2013 rolls on, the weird and seemingly directionless nature of underground and eclectic dance music continues. R-Zone is a label that represents a collective of established artists, working under one anonymous pseudonym. By releasing their work under this guise, it challenges them to release material that doesn't rely on a well known label name or producer's 'street cred' to generate interest.

'Rebecca in the Hall' is the first track on R-Zone 06 and is a good gateway track for what the label is all about. a 303 bassline meets terse percussion and other spacial effects with the occasional injection of a vocal sample. 'Romijn Ravine' touches on the breakbeats and ravey synths reminiscent of UK hardcore, while 'Night Level II' rounds out the EP with similar otherworldly and synth laden 4/4 sounds.

Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II - R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

You can pick up this up at Juno this month, and check out the rest of the labels back catalogue here.



For our latest podcast, we welcome Milan-based duo Hiver. Residents at Dude Club, their DJing style has turned many a head, with a strong selection across the board of disco, house and techno. They've also released a few records themselves, their most recent offering on Curle Recordings featuring a remix from Tobias.

Blue Aconite EP – Hiver [Curle]

From the podcast they've put together for us,  it's easy to see these guys have a lot of talent. Starting off deep and dubby, the duo expertly notch the tempo up, serving up some rather grooving techno. It's a peachy one, this.

HH MIX #047 - HIVER [download]



We're playing in Norwich this Thursday for Deep Trouble. Click the flyer for more details.