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LEEDS: A Love From Outer Space, 16.11.2012

New Leeds-based promoters Clandestino will present a special showcase in the intimate surroundings of Holbeck Underground Ballroom on Friday 16th November. Playing all night long will be the two men behind A Love From Outer Space, Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston. A self-proclaimed 'oasis of slow in a world of increasing velocity', this night is set to be rather special. (If a trip to Leeds isn't feasible, check out the December event at Corsica Studios where the wonderful Legowelt will make an appearance in Room 2).

TB2, Bristol, 04.02.2012 - Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston

Click the flyer above for the Facebook event then head here to pick your tickets.


Introducing RIVET

It seems that producers from a variety of scenes are moving to house and techno, and there is an element of attraction to producers who don masks and hide in a shroud of anonymity. For some it is part of their act, but for Rivet and many others, it's about a new start.

Rivet has so far released on Kontra, Frozen Border sub-label Naked Index and Skudge Presents (the duo join us for Hush House presents Skudge on Friday 23rd November). It is an impressive feat to release on some of the most popular techno labels and still fit perfectly with each label's sound.

Grifter / Sundry - Rivet [Skudge Presents]

Rivet provides two sturdy tracks for Skudge's fifth release in their Presents series. 'Grifter' has a hefty electro-like bassline that perfectly compliments the breaks and big room rhythms throughout. 'Sundry' on the other hand is more of a journey with deep moving synths and dominant claps. A remix of 'Sundry' is available for free below.

Sundry (Rivet's Analogue Freeemix) - Rivet [Skudge Presents]

Keep up to date with Rivet and listen to his releases at Juno.



Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole's imprint Deconstruct has been off the radar for the last three years but has finally returned with a solid two track EP courtesy of New Jersey resident Joey Anderson. Anderson had a hard task following on from some sterling releases on the label, especially after the extended void in output, but more than rose to the challenge with two dark and refined techno cuts.

Unnerving piano chords and sporadic symbol crashes keep the listener on a knife edge for the duration of the title track, 'Earth Calls'. The flip side 'Hydrine' sees a strongly rhythmic drum pattern and sinister synth shards enveloped by dense, misty textures, giving an almost tribal aesthetic.

As always anything to do with Levon Vincent sells out quick, most of the major record shops are already out of copies but there are still some available at Clone. So if you want to avoid paying over the odds on Discogs you'd best move quick!


Introducing JETS

Here is a collaboration that has been well worth waiting for. To clear this up from the start, JETS stands for Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart, aka Machinedrum aka one half of Sepalcure. Fresh off Jimmy's album for Hotflush and Travis's recent collaborations with Om Unit and Lazer Sword, both these producers are as hot as they could ever be and that really translates into some epic music.

The result is an explosion of synths, samples and basslines across four very different tracks. From the relaxed swing of 'In Her City' to the frenetic chops and claps of 'Lock Lock Key Key' this EP delivers in high order.

Lock Lock Key Key - Jets [Leisure System]

Jets EP is out on the German label Leisure System and is available right now from Juno.


Featuring CHESUS

It's hard to succeed such a successful release but Ten Thousand Yen has come up with the goods to follow up Mickey Pearce's huge Tempted 12". This time it's the turn of Chesus, the C in C.R.S.T, who lays down a four track EP of classic house excellence to follow up his appearance on Addison Groove's new Lost In Translation label.

The Goodfoot EP - Chesus [forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen]

This is not the first appearance for Chesus on TTY, having appeared collaboratively on the second and fourth releases, but it is here on the ninth release that everything justs comes together. Featuring collaborations with fellow Welshmen, The Organ Grinder and Didz, Chesus gives tribute to his house roots while giving them a 2012 vibe that make this a must listen.

There are a few dubplates of The Goodfoot EP floating about now until the full release on the 19th of November.



It is a pleasure to have Toronto-based Basic Soul Unit provide us with the next mix in our exclusive series.

For almost 10 years now he has released a solid stream of quality music on some great labels, including Ostgut Ton, Other Heights and Creme Organization. His most recent release really helped cement the high calibre of material that he has been producing with two stunning tracks for Boddika's NonPlus imprint.

Black Ice - Basic Soul Unit [Midnight Shift]

Born in Hong Kong and growing up in Canada, BSU was immersed in a diverse multi-cultural city which was heavily influenced musically by Europe, NYC, Detroit and Chicago in the late '80s and early '90s. This wide spectrum of sounds is represented well here in the mix which, after a little atmospheric palette cleanser, kicks off with some deep disco vibes and slowly progresses through to deep house and techno.

HH MIX #035 - Basic Soul Unit [download]

01. Imugem Orihasam - Grey Level Version [New Kanada]
02. Pleasure - Ghettos Of The Mind [Fantasy]
03. Stargaze - You Can't Have It [TNT Unlimited Inc.]
04. Buari - Advice From Father [RCA]
05. Joe - MB [Hemlock]
06. Theo Parrish - I Can Take It (feat. Dwele) [Sound Signature]
07. Aybee - No Fiction [Deepblak]
08. Barker & Baumecker - Schlang Bang [Ostgut Ton]
09. STL - Your Turn [Smallville]
10. Gingy & Bordello - Body Acid (KiNK remix) [Turbo]
11. Funkinevil - Night [Wild Oats]
12. Jonas Kopp - Green Fingers [Deeply Rooted House]
13. Skudge - Vessel [Nonplus+]
14. Ken Kojima - Armando [Chiwax]
15. Mutabaraka - Poem (Irfan & Simbad mix) [unreleased]

Stay up to date on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Introducing JOE DRIVE

The latest offering from Gerd's record label 4lux is from Italian house producer Joe Drive. Known for its constant output of quality records, Joe could be forgiven for being a little nervous, but his Junopolis EP does not disappoint.

The first track of the EP, 'Rain Dance', is reminiscent of some of Moodymann's work. The soulful vocal sample alongside the brooding bass kicks creates an uneasy, but altogether sensual feel. The second track, 'Junopolis', incorporates early Chicago house drum programming which lends itself well to the stripped back nature of the song. The acid like melody is hypnotic yet not overly complicated - simplicity is the word here.

Perhaps the two stand out tracks on the EP are 'Tefnut' and the rework supplied by Tyrell. The former's tribal drum pattern and myriad of incidental sounds develop into a rolling dub techno number. Tyrell goes deep with the rework, accentuating and bleaching out the stabs from the original, creating a very space-like feel. Definitely a 4am track to lose your mind to.

[4LUX1206] is due for release via Juno on the 30th October.


Featuring TOM TRAGO

Whilst we have already featured music on Rush Hour from the likes of Braiden and XOSAR in the past couple of weeks, seeing the names Tom Trago, San Proper and Cinnaman all on the same 12" deservedly makes this an October hatrick of posts for the much celebrated Dutch label.

Rise Up feat. Cinnaman - Tom Trago [Rush Hour]

The lead track, 'Rise Up', is moody and uplifting at the same time, and incorporates quite a combination of different styles with a squelchy pad sitting smoothly on top of pounding bassline. Not forgetting the vocal hook of course, we guarantee you'll be singing along to it before the track is over. On the flip is 'Sky High', Trago's collaboration with San Proper. Both the bassline and the vocal hook take things down a darker route, with punchy claps snapping back and forth - you can check out a full preview here.

[RH045] is due for release via Juno on the 29th October.


Introducing OXFORD MNGO

New York native Oxford Mngo has gone by many names but this is the one that seems to be sticking. As a full time student and university radio DJ, Jonathon Alcindor, quietly produces his own brand of acid infused techno.

Earlier this year he released his debut effort, Class Act, on Car Crash Set to a hugely positive response, setting the bar high for future releases. Until then enjoy his fantastic Late Nite Mix below, featuring tracks from some of our favourite artists right now.

Late Nite Mix - Oxford Mngo


Fans of Mirau Musik will already be familiar with the name Erdbeerschnitzel. His first release on the Hamburg based imprint featured 'To An End', a widely acclaimed favourite often sitting at the top of label charts alongside Tensnake's anthemic 'Something About You'. His latest release is another couple of fine tracks, 'Confused' and 'Through The Night'. Both are in the usual Erbeerschnitzel vein but the former is a much more downtempo, glitchy affair while 'Through The Night' could fit perfectly into a warm up/down set.

Through The Night - Erdbeerschnitzel [Mirau Musik]

His debut physical LP Tender Leaf, also out on Mirau, is on the horizon - due for release date some time in November. 'Tetra', a track taken from the album has been made available to download. Whet that appetite...

Tender Leaf LP - Erdbeerschnitzel [Mirau]

01. Hello
02. Let Go
03. Semantics
04. The Mattress Excursions (feat The Drifter)
05. Through The Night
06. Tetra [download]
07. Wait
08. Arbitrary Act
09. Ebdus Rude
10. Separate Spaces
11. Poem
12. Tender Leaf

Go check his digital back catalogue at Juno and keep your eye out for the LP in November. Also you can keep up to date on Facebook.


Featuring LEGOWELT

The prolific and celebrated producer Danny Wolfers (AKA Legowelt) is due to release his next LP, The Paranormal Soul, on Clone next month. The album is everything you'd expect from the pioneering Dutchmen, and then some, rich techno tapestries anachronistically woven together with lush synth melodies. Even when listening to the brief soundcloud clips below it's hard not to be emotionally charged by what is on offer. A truly magnificent piece of work.

The Paranormal Soul - Legowelt [Clone Records]

The LP is due out next month and will be made available on vinyl, on CD and digitally. If you want to keep up to date with Legowelt you are best off checking out his web page as he isn't very active on facebook.



Former Sandwell District mainstay Silent Servant (a.k.a. Juan Mendez) offers a headlong exploration of twisted, mutated techno that juggles post-punk and industrial aesthetics within his debut long-player for Hospital Productions, Negative Fascination.

Paced at only thirty-six minutes across seven tracks, Negative Fascination comes with an immediate sense of urgency. After the beatless, reverberating pulsations of ‘Process (Introduction)’ the album begins in earnest, as ‘Invocation of Lust’ begins to build hurriedly towards some kind of endgame. Save for the brooding (and contrastingly melodic) interlude of ‘Moral Divide (Endless),’ Mendez directs listeners to the crux of proceedings in the form of ‘The Strange Attractor.’ Harshly pulsing chords develop pace beneath a sonorous blanket of searing white noise, a visceral and intense portrayal of what Mendez described in a recent interview with FACT magazine as "this weird mutation in my head."

Negative Fascination LP - Silent Servant [Hospital Productions]

Following on, ‘Temptation & Desire’ again ups the ante in terms of pace. A refined death-march drumbeat thumps out alongside the pained wails of wordless voices as an austere synth line furthers the albums sense of dystopian bleakness. After another intermission in the form of ‘A Path Eternal’ comes the eight-minute crescendo of ‘Utopian Disaster (End)’. Within this track, Mendez comes closest to the spacey, echoed dub-techno forms to which he is perhaps most famously associated. Here, a Basic Channel style bass line rumbles languorously towards a final gritty, spiraling groan.

Though generally the tone of the album is dripping in Lynchian austerity, there is much to like about Negative Fascination. In spite of its relatively short duration, throughout the LP there is a definite sense of both direction and coherence. Additionally, the album is coupled with a specific visual-aesthetic as the grainy, shadowy images that accompany the record align perfectly to its aural content. Mendez himself appears to recognise the importance of marrying the musical to the visual with the promise that a special, limited press is due to be released each with its own hand-labeled switchblade.

In similar ways to its post-punk influences, Negative Fascination wastes no time in presenting stunted, invasive sonic outbursts. In truth, much of what is covered within the LP will be familiar to fans of Mendez or any of the acts to which he has become associated. Yet in spite of this, the record feels entirely worthwhile for the way Mendez refines and condenses his raw, uncompromising techno sensibilities into a package that bulges heatedly at the seams. Overall, the album feels like an exercise in controlled aggression – as though holistically, Mendez’s vision teeters delicately upon the edge of the switchblade that adorns the albums cover.

Negative Fascination is available now from Juno.



Smallville is not just a record shop in Hamburg, it's a collection of artists, producers and DJs run by duo Smallpeople and Lawrence. The label has released an assorted mix of artists spanning the deeper end of house and techno, from Hush House favourite Move D, German deep house sensation Moomin and mystery man STL, all packaged with the whimsical visual art of Stefan Marx. It's nice to know that Smallville really care about every part of their label and showcasing a variety of artistic mediums.

Black Ice EP - Smallpeople [Smallville]

STL's most recent outing Flying Saucer Attack digs into his more techno side, with the same signature scuffled grooves and analog warmth. You'll struggle to keep still to 'Where Have You Gone' and that infectious rhythm, but 'Inverted Reality' is the winner here with a spacey lead bass. Don't be put off if you're a purveyor of more house orientated records, as Smallville's back catalog and forthcoming double LP from Christopher Rau should enthral.

Flying Saucer Attack EP - STL [Smallville]

There's a host of talented producers and top EP's to dig through. Head to Juno to see what's available, keep up to date with their releases, artwork and events at Smallville and let us know if you ever pass by their Hamburg shop.


Featuring BRAIDEN

It would be difficult to describe Steve Braiden as prolific, but as with most things we much prefer a bit of solid consistency. Finally we are about to see a follow up to his wonderful debut release on Doldrums in 2010, and what better label to facilitate it than Rush Hour.

A-side 'Belfry Tower' bring a bit of a funky aesthetic to the legendary Dutch label, with the moody pad and rough hi hats ensuring that Braiden's sound fits nicely amongst the likes of Recloose and Gene Hunt. The flipside, 'Paganini', is more of a late night jam, complete with a rather seductive vocal. Check out clips of both tracks below...

Belfry Tower / Paganini - Braiden [Rush Hour]

[RH044] is due for release via Juno and Rush Hour in November. Be sure to check out Braiden on NTS in the meantime. His photography ain't too bad either!


Featuring XOSAR

XOSAR returns for her second outing on the iconic Dutch label Rush Hour with two track EP Nite Jam. There is a great deal of depth to all of XOSAR's productions, full bodied and heavily layered tracks that offer an almost other-worldly aesthetic, which compliment her distinctive brand of graphic design.

'Nite Jam' provides a strong sense of foreboding and anticipation with the use of multiple synth melodies that sweep in and out of the foreground. A forceful and eerie track that would no doubt carry serious weight on the dance floor.

Nite Jam - XOSAR [Rush Hour]

'Elixir of Dreams' is a polar opposite to the title track. The ominous nature of the A-side seems to heighten the senses whilst this track has more of a seductive, inebriating feel. Another great release from one of 2012's most promising prospects.

Elixir of Dreams - XOSAR [Rush Hour]

If you like XOSAR then we'd highly recommend you check out XAMAGICA, XOSAR and Legowelt's collaborative project. In other exciting news, Legowelt's forthcoming LP is out on Clone next month, and the clips are sounding very good, even if the album cover looks slightly suspect.


Introducing U

Like many artist-run labels, ManMakeMusic ran the risk of becoming a sidenote to the career of co-owner, producer and DJ George FitzGerald. It's clocked in three solid 12"s from up and comers Jack Dixon, Leon Vynehall and Trikk so clearly the man's got a knack for A&R. But these singles, as good as they were, couldn't help but be outshined by his self-produced inaugural effort, Fernweh/Hearts.

But change is in the air for their 5th release. Simply title MMAKEU01, information is about as scant and mysterious as the interlocked grooves within; there's a review up on Portuguese FACT (don't bother with Google translate, I already tried) and a few words on the offical site.

What you get for your buck is four cuts of blearly-eyed dancefloor approximations. Lead track Eah comes somewhere between recent moves by Cupp Cave and Gerry Read. Gone is the crisp, dancefloor-ready precision we've come to expect from Mr. FitzGerald, replaced instead by smudged synths, woozy ambiance and pitched vocals floating in and out of the mix without the build and drop dynamics required to set the dancefloor alight.

Things ease up ever more when Evil Spirits trades in vocal hooks for treated piano lines that conjure up ghosts of James Blake's pre-album days. The flipside touches on sultry lo-fi RnB (Haunted) and the blunted drum programming of the best LA beatsmiths (Heaven). It's all over in a flash, the only constant throughout, aside from the quality, is the skewed vision these touchstones are filtered through.

Limited to a 10" run, it may be that ManMakeMusic won't be pursuing this sonic territory any more. Wherever they end up going, they've struck gold on their 5th release and seem well on their way to becoming a force in their own right.

[MMAKEU01] is due for release on Monday 15th October. Pre-order it now from Surus



After the outstanding Motor City Drum Ensemble and Lone remixes of Midland's most recent AUS release, the news of remixes of 'Child' was met with great excitement when it hit our inbox.

Child (Geeeman Rework) - George FitzGerald [AUS]

Gerry Read puts in a sterling effort remixing 'Lights Out', conjuring up a dark but rolling techno jam. However, it is Gerd's effort with 'Child' under his Geeeman alias which will ensure that this summer groover continues to move dancefloors long into the winter months. It relies on a jacking, hardware-driven sound to add a much rougher edge to the original. Not afraid of a bit of hard work, Gerd also turns in a NY Stomp remix of the same tune, on a rather lighter tip.

[AUS1241] is due for release via Juno on Monday 29 October.