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Introducing YAN COOK

Yan Cook has already racked up a series of impressive releases on well respected techno labels. In December of last year, Delsin sister label Ann Aimee released a two-track EP entitled 2x2. Cook's music is as much about rich textures and soundscapes as it is heavy hitting rhythms. '2x2 and 'rhomb' are simplistic but constantly evolving, with wide delays and creeping synths. Despite being sparse and reverberated, his music is weighty and sure to appeal to early morning dance floors.

2x2 EP - Yan Cook [Ann Aimee]

The limited hand stamped 12" is still available at Juno.

Cook's latest offering comes on French label Silent Steps. Personal highlight 'Snap' encapsulates Cook's signature dub-techno inspired expanding synths with tough relentless percussion. It's fresh and exciting techno from the young Ukranian which has seen him booked at clubs such as Tresor. Hopefully he'll be visiting the UK soon.

Alptraum EP - Yan Cook [Silent Steps]


Preview: Horizon Festival 2013

Since Martyn, Boddika and Jackmaster graced the Leeds launch party at Mint Warehouse a couple of weeks ago, our excitement about heading out to Bulgaria in March has been steadily increasing.

Textures - Guy Andrews [Hemlock]

Taking place at the winter sports resort of Bankso, Bulgaria from 23rd-29th March, Horizon Festival will offer something a little different to its counterparts as you will be able to ski between the different parties taking place throughout the day. With a lineup that takes in some of our favourites, including Mark E, Leon Vynehall and Maribou State, you will also be able to catch us playing some tunes to warm your bones!

Darker - Mark E [MERC]

Festival packages, which include six nights accommodation, pool, spa, wristband and ski pass start from a pretty reasonable £256. Anyone with a bigger budget can splash out on 5* treatment for a cool £499! Details of all the options as well as the full lineup are available from the festival's website.

Mask - Maribou State & Pedestrian [Pets Recordings]

Keep up to date on Facebook and we hope to see some of you on the slopes!



There isn't much to say about the L.I.E.S. crew that hasn't already been said. During the past year the label's unique blend of experimental and lo-fi house has garnered attention and won accolades across the internet and beyond. One of the label's early contributors Jason Letkiewicz (aka Steve Summers) has been actively producing for some time now, and has just recently created his own off-shoot label, Confused House recordings.

For this first release, Steve Summers teams up with fellow L.I.E.S. labelmate Bookworms to produce three cuts of melodic and crepuscular house music.

The first track on the EP 'Possible Worlds' simmers away at the same level throughout for the duration of the record. As certain elements swell and recede throughout the track, its clear that we aren't trying to go anywhere too quickly, and that it's a good thing. On the flip the remaining tracks on the EP are also similar studies in glowing ambient grooves. It's an obvious and deliberate choice to name a track 'Let It Run' because that's exactly what these two producers do on this EP.

This offering is more like something from the realm of Newworldaquarium or Basic Channel than the type of house jams Letkiewicz is typically known for, and the partnership with Bookworms will hopefully mean releases of a similar nature are on the horizon.

Confused House 1 - Bookworms & Steve Summers [CH001]

This first label release has sold out at juno, as per usual you can check discogs while they are still going at a reasonable price, or get alerted about their next release (which is sounding nice) here.



For the 41st mix in our exclusive series we are proud to present an all own productions mix from Joey Anderson. The Inimeg label founder had a good year in 2012 with highly lauded releases on Deconstruct and UntilMyHeartStops demonstrating why he is more than capable of rubbing shoulders with the likes of Levon Vincent and Dj Qu. The mix combines sinister, haunting and beautiful soundscapes which effortlessly showcase Anderson's raw and unpolished take on house. Enjoy.

HH MIX #041 - Joey Anderson [download]



Following on from two decent vinyl-only outings for BRSTL and their own label, Rhythmic Theory step out on Idle Hands.

Rundown Jam - Rhythmic Theory [BRSTL]

Both tracks are deeply rooted in Bristol's deep jungle roots, utilizing the dark atmosphere and sub bass and bending them around a techno template. What results are two very different but well produced pieces of music that are obviously crafted with club speakers in mind but still don't lose their punch on your headphones.

Legacy Of The Lost - Rhythmic Theory [forthcoming on Idle Hands]

[IDLE017] will be available from 11th March, buy it directly from Idle Hands.


Introducing ALIS

Sabina Plame, AKA Subeena, AKA Alis is back with a new release titled the Azimuth EP. Her melodic and powerful take on electronic music makes this one rather special.

First up we have 'You Can Try'. The synth-laden beginning groove gives way to a more dark and atmospheric sound, with the female vocal harmony moving in and out, creating an altogether debauched after-hours vibe. The vocal drops out and the synth comes back in, before reaching a peaking crescendo that's sure to get more than a few people's heads nodding. This is well thought out house music.

Next we have title track 'Azimuth'. With Alis pitching this one up, the crisp drums over a claustrophobic acid bassline gives this tune a distinct 'toughness'. Once again a female vocal dripping with reaching synths and pads gives the listener a short break before dropping straight back down into familiar acidic territory. D'Marc Cantu is on remix duties for this one, keeping the same attitude of the original but teasing out that groove a little more. 'Imperium' rounds off the EP, a tight little disco number, creating quite the emotive landscape through its layering of uplifting sounds and keys.

Azimuth EP - Alis [forthcoming Don't Be Afraid]

[DBA010] will be released 25th February on Don't Be Afraid, and will be available from Juno.


Featuring STL

Contrary to it's title the Banned From Terra EP is packed full of the signature subterranean beats that we know and love STL for, save for the intro and loop tracks which take on a more extra-terrestrial hue. Stephan Laubner has an extensive back catalogue under the three-letter alias but it is well worth having a dig through the clips on Juno in order to sift out the real gems. 'Jungle Sometimes', 'Dark Energy' and 'Vintage Hunter' are three tracks which spring to mind, and this belter featured in the recent # HH mix.

Laubner has a great talent for creating understated shuffling rhythms that lure the listener into involuntary movement. The two stand out tracks from this latest EP, 'Please Wait' and 'Loon Side Drift', demonstrate this skill particularly well. Can't find the full audio on the web yet but have a listen to the clips below.

The EP is available now from Juno or you can buy it directly from the Something Records website.



The Alan Backdrop project is the brainchild of Italy's Alessio Meneghello. Upon visiting Meneghello's tumblr site, you will immediately notice that the man is seriously into deep aquatic landscapes, swamplands, and other oddities of the natural world. His productions are clearly influenced by this and are of an atmospheric, dubby and visceral nature.

On this release, Excursion A, he delivers three tracks ranging from straightforward dub techno to more experimental material. The first two tracks on the EP, 'D9U0B9' and 'Pdst' are both well produced dub techno records that could help build some serious atmosphere for a night out. The third cut 'Sepora' moves into uncharted waters as we hear Meneghello experiment with a tempo that would normally be suitable for a drum and bass record (90/180bpm) but sounds unlike anything you might expect.

D9U0B9/Pdst/Sepora - Alan Backdrop [Motoguzzi]

The Alan Backdrop project is certainly one to watch and since its already sold out at juno you might want to check discogs to pick it up on vinyl.


Featuring PEV & KOWTON

Fresh cuts from the Hessle Audio camp are delivered by Bristolians Kowton & Pev (aka Peverelist).

Clean, minimal percussion is the order of the day from this latest release and Kowton makes his first contribution to the label. The A side in particular seems to nod to the aesthetic of Pearson Sound's 'Clutch'. 'Raw Code' takes this spacious aesthetic and tightens it into a more regular and dancefloor friendly rhythm, while adding Kowton's grime style string section. The real selling point of this track is the interplay between ambient melodic noise and spacious percussion, each set against a booming jungle-esque bassline - driving and deep. The B-side, 'Junked', sees the pair working on a '4 Club Use Only' style beat. Minimal, spacious and repetitive, punctuated by the occasional hard hitting 909-tom flourish.

Raw Code / Junked - Pev & Kowton [Hessle Audio]

Vinyl and digital available via Juno on 11th February.