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Bounce to this...

Those who were out in Croatia will recognise the picture and hopefully reminisce good vibes. I wanna be back there now. Anyway...

Huge remix of a classic, was bit skeptical about this to start with but the second build up and drop made me realise that this booty is set to destroy anywhere it's played! Torqux and Twist on the buttons. No small speakers allowed...

Dooms Night - Torqux & Twist [RUDER THAN RUDEEE]

Tek-One once again brings the heat with another filthy monster.

Hate You - Tek-One [HEAVY]

Badman DZ puts some serious extra energy into the already bouncy original. You all looking forward to that Crookers & friends album? Is gonna be all the talk soon I reckon...

Businessman (DZ Remix) - Crookers

These two need no introduction, two big remixes, both showing their abilities to produce top music for the public's ears. Miike Snow are definitely up there in my favourite electronic producers, those who don't know, check them.

Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
Black and Blue (Caspa Remix) - Miike Snow

Lastly, this from Olsten jus dropped in the inbox. Not normally a fan of mashups but this one works well, get rowdy in the place now.

Drumstick Hype (Olsten Mash) - Tempa T vs Giant

Introducing ECHODUB

This album is the first in a series of releases that Echodub are putting together to highlight some of the artists that we love.

They have selected a number of artists and asked them all to contribute to, what they feel is, a showcase of some of the most beautiful music coming from the deeper end of the Dubstep, Electronic and IDM genres. They're definitely not far off from achieving that... I have to give this album a 9/10.

Echodub Loves Vol. I

01. Precious Time - Skyence
02. Get Busy - Martello Rotativo
03. Untitled - Apathesis
04. Once More (Echodub Edit) - Autopilot
05. Undulate - 3rdeye
06. Hope - Kerogen
07. Warm and Easy - Psychonaught
08. Believe - Bojcot Selectah & Dawn
09. Each Day - FBOM
10. Avec La Tech - Mako
11. The Glass Lake - Moonchild
12. Kamino - Roof Light



The first installement of our brand new series sees 23 year old Mark Instinct from Canada step to the task of mashing together his favourite beats along with giving us a sneak preview to the forthcoming filth from his lab.

Mark has been DJing for the past 7 years, and producing since an even earlier age. He started out making house under a different alias, had a couple of tunes signed to Total Recordings in Italy and Fluent Recordings in Canada but moved into Dubstep about a year ago and fell in love.

The release "Sketchy Maxx" was in Digital Tunes and Trackitdown top 10 for 3 weeks running. It has since been remixed by the likes of Trillbass, Emu, Pawn, Richie August, RSK, Kellydean + some! Having been signed to Aufect, Rottun and Betamorph Recordings for a load of forthcoming material, as well as an EP on Shift and an album on Trillbass, I'm sure you'll be seeing this name all over the place soon. Enough of the chat, time to get your bassbins pumpin.


01. Sketchy Maxx - Mark Instinct [Betamorph Recordings]
02. Sketchy Maxx (Ruckus & Roke Remix) [Betamorph Recordings]
03. Fat Man Stomp - Mk2 [dub]
04. Fuck What Cha Heard - Bukez Finest [dub]
05. Badman Sound - Mark Instinct [forthcoming Aufect]
06. Bitch Slap - Symbl & Mark Instinct [forthcoming Trillbass]
07. Never Scared - Dub Crookz [dub]
08. Things Go Wrong - Unitz [dub]
09. Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) - Example
10. Up In Smoke - Sukh Knight [True Tiger]
11. Broken String - Tek-One [dub]
12. Love Me Nots - Mark Instinct [Aufect Digital]
13. Hit That Gash (Itchy Naan Remix) - Foreign Beggars
14. Ready 2 Rage (Bassnectar Remix) - Product 01 [Dead Famous]
15. Swagga - Excision & Datsik [forthcoming Ex7]
16. Destroyed - Mark Instinct [forthcoming Rottun]
17. Machete - Orbatak [dub]
18. Heatwav - Mark Instinct [Aufect Digital]

Fresh JAYOU!

By now the name JAYOU should well embedded in your minds and if it isn't then watch out cos the future holds some exciting stuff. A collaboration with one of the biggest names in the industry, forthcoming dates supporting the likes of 16bit, Major Lazer and Stenchman, whilst also being managed by two of the best managers in England. He's a lucky boy but... he's not the only lucky one - you readers are the first in the whole world to hear his new beats. Check them...

I Can't Wait (JAYOU Remix) - Kenneth Bager


When I look at you...

Big ol tune, everyone knows the original by now. Here's a sick rework by Sduk, am digging the synths in the second half lots. Make sure you follow up on the myspace for some more mad tropical beats.

When I Look At You (Sduk Remix) - Emalkay [RUDEEE]

BONUS: Black Mirror (Widdler Dubmix) - Arcade Fire


System needs...

After a hectic week in Croatia with many more ups than downs I'm back and have finally sorted through the emails to bring you, what I hope is, the best selection which you haven't already picked up elsewhere. I urge you to download all these - I know it might take a bit of time but... you haven't downloaded anything from here in at least 10 days.

Start off with some heaviness, straight away probably contradicting what I've just written above cos I know this has been doing the rounds but we wanna support this producer where possibly cos we think he's doing good things and has lots of potential. Get some of this relevant bouncy wobbliness in your ears and go show him some love on his myspace.

Troll - George Lenton

Rising star Richie August with a cheeky bootleg. Kinda gangsta grimey vibes round this one and I know I've heard the melody in another tune before but can't put my finger on which one. Check it...

3 Kingz - Richie August

Innovative production is liked around these parts and this one definitely shows some of that. Guns & Bombs are dead, Deathface is the new project from one half of the split and many should know they know how to make a party tune - the drop might take you a little by surprise.

Cumbria (Deathface Remix) - Mexican Institute Of Sound

More popular tunes from High Rankin and Vaski but I dig lots...

Don't Stop Looking (High Rankin Remix) - Alex Roots [RUDEEE]
Might Like You Better - Vaski

Big remix from Autopilot here, lovely intro followed by deep soaring sounds, right up my street! Research all the artists involved with this one, big things to come.

Bass Terrorist (Autopilot Remix) - Blight, FBOM, VVV

Got a few more non-dubstep tunes for you lot but as you can see I'm running out of what to write so I'll leave them for another day. We also have some exciting things lined up ready to blow so start getting excited now!



I'm going to one of these party things in Croatia tomorrow for a week so check back soon for some goodies. If you wanna get jealous of the line up, which doesn't include the boat parties, click here. Blessssss...



After many days trying to get an nice picture of our new t-shirts modelled, I finally found the perfect pair. The tees have been on sale to the fans for the past few days and there's very limited numbers left.


Here's happy summery track to get all those in the mood for blazing sunshine in Croatia. Hype hype hype.

Misty Dub - CaoS



More tunes from the one who goes under the name Dub Fiend. Nice chilled remix of that tune which eveyone knows, difficult tune to remix well but this definitely gives it another life. I like what he's done here, hope you do too...

2NAQ (Dub Fiend's Chilled Remix) - Rusko [RUDEEE]

This tune's been around a while although I'm not sure whether I ever posted it. Big steady bassline which will make you get your jiggle on.

Syncopath - Dub Fiend

Another week gone! Only a few days till Outlook - if anyone wants a ticket, we have one, possibly for free... anyone wanna come? Big line up...



Bigger Than Barry has been running events all over the country for a while now, always bringing the heat for which they've gained much respect. Now they're broadening their horizons with a step into the digital game. To kick start this move they've deicided to give their first release away for free so make sure you all head over to the Facebook page and watch the stores for the next EP. This track has been getting rinsed all over by many big names and rightly so. Originally a garage classic but this version's had the Enigma treatment which many of you should know by now, is always banging. This time he's not alone though, Shorterz has added some extra flavour to the mix.

Double 99 (Engima & Shorterz Remix) - Ripgroove

Not just that, it's backed with this wonky Dubstep edit of that hugeArmand Van Helden's Garage remix of another classic. Big tings...

Spin Spin Sugar (Enigma & Shorterz Remix) - Sneaker Pimps

All you Birmingham heads watch for the launch party - it's gonna be a biggie. All you others, get hype for the forthcoming releases. Anyone who missed Enigma around these parts before, check his Imogen Heap Remix, Faithless Remix and the free EPs here and here.


Are you from the future?

Excision? I'm sure many of you are familiar with this name, if you're not - you should be. For a little introduction, check here. His label Rottun Recordings has recently taken a grip of the Dubstep charts with a huge filthy futuristic sound. All the tracks catch the ear off guard with heavy robotic basslines which have been mixed down and mastered perfectly. Here's a dubstep/electro/breaks hybrid which he's letting out for free but it is infact on the first release on his new label, EX7, backed with Ying Yang (big tune). Definitely one for those breaks fans out there...

Obvious - Excision [RUDEEE]

Now, check this for a tracklisting, recorded live at this years Shambhala Festival in Canada. From what I've heard, everybody needs to make an effort to get to this sometime in the future, and from the sound of this mix which got rinsed on a 100k soundsystem, well, just try it and see...

Shambala 09 Mix [right click save as]

"Such a filthy mindblowing mix. I need a shower."

BONUS: A Milli (Excision & DatsiK Remix) - Lil Wayne



On Friday at 9.00am GMT we will be revealing to fans where you can get your hands on one of these super limited edition t-shirts, which also have some sneaky bits of glow in the dark. Make sure you're a fan and make sure you check your Facebook updates so as not to miss out... (ignore the bad picture, I spent all last week trying to get one sorted!)


I realise that not everyone is on Facebook so if you feel this is unfair and you really want a tee then send us an email.