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Bigger Than Barry has been running events all over the country for a while now, always bringing the heat for which they've gained much respect. Now they're broadening their horizons with a step into the digital game. To kick start this move they've deicided to give their first release away for free so make sure you all head over to the Facebook page and watch the stores for the next EP. This track has been getting rinsed all over by many big names and rightly so. Originally a garage classic but this version's had the Enigma treatment which many of you should know by now, is always banging. This time he's not alone though, Shorterz has added some extra flavour to the mix.

Double 99 (Engima & Shorterz Remix) - Ripgroove

Not just that, it's backed with this wonky Dubstep edit of that hugeArmand Van Helden's Garage remix of another classic. Big tings...

Spin Spin Sugar (Enigma & Shorterz Remix) - Sneaker Pimps

All you Birmingham heads watch for the launch party - it's gonna be a biggie. All you others, get hype for the forthcoming releases. Anyone who missed Enigma around these parts before, check his Imogen Heap Remix, Faithless Remix and the free EPs here and here.

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Lambent said...

@ Thade

Hell yea, thanks lots mayne
Jus tryin to keep it smelly lol

I seen u got the "Red Eye Of Death"!! Fuuck dude, i almost feel your pain haha u gotta get that shit fixed homie. We need to blast some goons!

Stay Up,