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Shadow dancing...

This hour-long mix from Boys Noize Records affiliates Shadow Dancer glides through many different styles of house music and contains some of the great music that we have featured in recent weeks, with new tracks from the likes of Martyn and Jam City. Furthermore, it has an amusing intro - what more could you possibly want?

Something From The Weekend Mix - Shadow Dancer



Benjamin Stefanski, aka Raffertie, readies his Visual Acuity EP for the Ninja Tune imprint, and it's without doubt one to write home about. By blending sounds from different corners of the electronic spectrum, these four tracks provide something really refreshing, something much more exciting than an EP solely intended for the dancefloor. It's amazing to see someone progress so much since we first featured him back in February 2009!

The title track is not one for the faint-hearted and presents a full on assault of glitched drum patterns, bleeps and modulating synth work. It is often too easy to forget that making music sound this frantic tends to require more skill than ever. In contrast, 'You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That' would appear to be the title track's alter ego. It still retains a twisted drum pattern but lush soundscapes allow even more musicality to shine through.

'Mimetic' goes in on a very different vibe altogether, with a straight kick and sultry "this is it" vocal sample. It is a track that shows a lot of control, with its snare-filled and expansive build ups always dropping back into the same cheeky groove. Last but not least is 'Twitch (It Grows and Grows)'. This tune speaks for itself really, we simply can't wait to hear it on a club system because the kick that rolls round throughout travels very deep.

Twitch (It Grows and Grows) - Raffertie [forthcoming Ninja Tune]

Ninja Tune's quality control has always been of the highest standard, and here is yet another essential release. Raffertie's keeping innovative underground riddims alive!

Out on 29th August - you can pre-order it from Juno now.


Introducing LOOSE FIT

Somehow a Loose Fit track (the first of the two below) ended up in one of our latest playlists which got a thorough listen to on the trip to and from London this weekend. It was the stand out track and so we weren't surprised to find more quality material after only a small amount of research. However, we were surprised when we stumbled across their latest release, and noticed that it came out today on Join The Dots. It is entitled Table Beggar / Magnetise EP and those are, if you hadn't already guessed, the two (stunning) title tracks plus there's a couple of remixes of each. Check the release out below, and bag it for yourself here.

Before we discovered that bit of conveniently timed news, we were planning a post anyway as the pair, originally from Manchester, have given away a couple of excellent tracks for free. Make sure both of these are given a chance, especially if you have some summer parties lined up. Personally, we think the slower, more rolling 'Bolsena' might be the favourite out of these two.

A Deeper Pelago (Rework) - Loose Fit

Bolsena (Radio Mix) - Loose Fit


Come fly with me...

With a distinct lack of good free tracks recently, we've been landed with some beautiful, full quality remixes used as promo for releases. Appropriately timed for summer, these tunes go down well in all aspects of listening, whether you're in a club, partying outside or just sitting around at home. Let the groove sink in and take your mood up a level.

It's A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix) - Beni

Flying Overseas (Soul Clap Remix) - Theophilus London

Tell It To The Heart (Art Department's Missing You Remix) - Jimmy Edgar



For a long time already, Instra:mental have needed no introduction. Despite having upset the odd drum 'n' bass purist with their most recent output, here at Hush the shift down in tempo and the emergence of both the Boddika and Jon Convex aliases have made us excited at every turn.

Now, right off the back of Jon Convex's solo work on the label, 3024-015 will see the release of 'Pyramid', a dub from the duo that has been flying around on radio shows and podcasts for a few months now. The sheer industrial sound that these boys create using their hardware never fails to decimate a dancefloor and this track is no exception. An acid line rolls through with deadly precision, whilst the drum programming, brilliantly emphasising the peaks and troughs, sends a shiver down your spine. It seems that as the solo work produced by these guys ever increases in its quality, the tunes they make together will excel even further.

The youtube clip cannot really do the track justice without the second drop so make sure you keep an eye out here to grab it at the first oppurtunity!

On the flip is a track by Trevino entitled 'Clip'. It features similar dark tones but on a slightly more garage tip. As to who is behind it, you know as much as we do at the moment. We have a sneaky feeling it might be Martyn...



As we push on with our mix series, super hot talent Louie Fresco steps up the heat a notch. Not only does this guy produce, run a burgeoning label but also is the manager of El Internacional, one of the leading clubs in the vicinity Mexico. Next up they have Art Department with a 1500 strong guestlist on Facebook! We wanted to make sure you had plenty of information to fill the memory bank so we caught up with him for a quick chat.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical roots...

I'm from one of the hottest places on earth: Mexicali B.C. Mexico. Summer time don't play around here, it gets pretty nasty. But it's a cool place to kick it, it's super safe and it has one of the best the electronic scenes in Mexico. I used to play guitar and drums back when I was in a band. I think I got into music thanks to one of my cousins back when he introduced me to Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson and my brother who introduced me to R&B and New Wave. When it comes about music they always showed me the ropes. If they discovered a new artist/band they showed them to me almost immediately.

I've had a back & forth relationship with electronic music. Loved it in the early 90's, then I loved grunge, back with electronic music thanks to Cassius, Daft Punk, etc. then I discovered hip hop. Back again in the late 90's with trance music and then I finally became a full-on electronic dance music lover in 2005.

How has your music taste changed over the last year or so?

A lot. I have to thank a few friends and a few producers out there for showing me these new sounds. I always thought sole purpose of making a dance track was to get people dancing on the floor, but I couldn't help to notice how a lot of talented producers started making dance music with various kinds of melodies and all of that goodness. I instantly fell in love with these new sub-genres.

You run a label called MEXA Records - why did you decide to start a label?

Cliche answer: "I just want to get my music out there"

It's true though, but I also want local, national, and some international talent to have the chance to be discovered. There's a lot of hidden gems to be found out there. Many acts here in Mexico and Spain have caught my attention. There's is also a lot of raw talent here in Baja California, with the proper tools they could be living their dreams.

Your 'Cold As Ice' remix has grabbed the attention of many including No.19 label owner Art Department. How did this remix come about?

This is a really long story. I will spare the details though. I did that song quite a few months ago. A friend of mine came to my apartment and told me Lee Foss uploaded a video with the same samples I used on that song. (the song my friend refered to was Modern Amusement - Cold As Ice, and that day I found out that the song was done a few years ago by Lee). I contacted Lee and Jonny. Jonny wanted my song to be a part of the EP. Being a huge fan of Mr Foss and Art Dept this was a no-brainer so I sent Jonny the song. The rest is history. So I really have to thank Lee and Jonny for giving this huge opportunity and of course my friend for stalking Lee Foss' facebook profile!

Cold As Ice (Louie Fresco Remix) - Modern Amusement

Top five tracks at the minute?

  • Fish Go Deep - The Cure and The Cause (Russ Yallop Remix)
  • Jamie Jones feat. Art Department - Our Time In Liberty
  • Luca C & Brigante feat. Ali Love - Morals (Clockwork Remix)
  • Richy Ahmed & Miguel Campbell - Tell Me
  • Tale Of Us - Winds Of Change

Favourite sandwich filler combo?!

Meatballs with marinara, cheese, olives, and bacon.

What have you got lined up release-wise?

I'm gonna be doing a few collaborations with some people I really admire and some remixes for some very talented producers. I do have a few remixes coming out on Defected Records, another one OM Records, and the remix I did for Ali Love coming out on Dim Mak. I'm also working hard on my album for No.19 and my first EP on my upcoming label MEXA Records.

Tell us a bit about this mix - how did you go about it, was it recorded live?

This was recorded at a private party using CDJs, I just hit REC and started playing songs that I really like at the moment.

Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure.

From the quality of this 1h48mins seamless recording, we reckon this man knows a thing or two about mixing - you'd be a fool not to have it in your summer playlist.


01. Fred Everything ft. Vanessa Baker - Friday (Crazy P Remix) [OM Records]
02. Mark E - R&B Drunkie [MERC]
03. Richy Ahmed & Miguel Campbell - Tell Me [forthcoming Hot Creations]
04. ???
05. ???
06. Benoit & Sergio - Everybody [DFA]
07. Nick Lawson & Matthew Burton - Gruff It [forthcoming Visionquest]
08. Richy Ahmed - Killah Velvet (Richy Ahmed Edit) [unreleased]
09. ???
10. Miguel Migs - Everybody (Nav Izadi Remix) [forthcoming OM Records]
11. Nina Kraviz - I'm Gonna Get You [Rekids]
12. Fish Go Deep - The Cure And The Cause (Russ Yallop Yooou Mix)
13. ??? (Louie Fresco Remix) [forthcoming Defected Records]
14. Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love [Hot Creations]
15. Jus' Bros - The Truth (LF Edit) [unreleased]
16. Miguel Puente & Sishi Rosch - Serious Compassion [No.19]
17. ??? (LF Edit) [unreleased]
18. Lula Circus - Miami Vice (MANIK Remix) [Stranjjur]
19. Greg Paulus - Nightime (Crazy P Remix) [Wolf + Lamb]


Featuring SCUBA

One of our highlights of Sonar was Scuba. Luckily his set was recorded for Radio 1's Essential Mix and surprisingly, tracklisted too. For those that weren't there, or for those that were, this is an essential listen/download.

Scuba Live @ Sonar 2011

01. Boddika - Rubba [Swamp81]
02. Brawther - Spaceman Funk (George FitzGerald Remix)’ [Secretsundaze]
03. Boddika - Windy
04. Jon Convex - Pop That P
05. Deadboy - Wish U Were Here [Numbers]
06. SCB - Mace [SCB]
07. Jichael Mackson - Gti [Stock5]
08. Paul Woolford & Psychotron - Stolen
09. Joy O - Ellipsis
10. Maurice Donovan - Babeh [SSSSS]
11. Rod - Malmok One [Klockworks]
12. Scuba - Adrenalin
13. Beaumont - Lucky [Kinnego]
14. Marcel Dettmann - Lattice [MDR]
15. SCB ‘Loss’ [Aus Music]
16. Boddika - Acid Battery
17. Tommy Four Seven - Surma [CLR]
18. Scuba - Feel It [Hotflush]

Nothing else to say... DIYNAMIC!


Introducing IFAN DAFYDD

Wicked new producer, guarantee you'll see this name lots in the future. Follow on Twitter and stop asking if it's James Blake.


It's not what you say...

It's what you do. Only a quick post but both these tunes are rocking the after-work blues away good and proper. Big up Essáy and Lorca.

1901 (Essáy's Heat Edit) - Phoenix [RUDEEE]

Giant Star - Lorca


LONDON: This Friday...

Facebook event

Featuring PHAELEH

Despite never having been quite sure how to pronounce his name, to us, it has become synonymous with super tight production from the more pleasurable end of the Dubstep spectrum. Out of Bristol, Phaeleh has come up with the goods to follow up his fantastic first album, Fallen Light.

The Cold In You showcases such amazing versatility above anything else. The title track featuring Soundmouse is one suited more to the lounge than to the club, in stark contrast to the heavily dub-infused 'Perilous' or 'Caustic Storm', which sounds like it could have come out of the depths of South London circa 2006.

Perilous feat. I-Mitri - Phaeleh [Afterglo]

However, the track that stands out just above the rest for us is 'In The Twilight', with glistening guitars and wonderfully soft drum sounds. All in all, Phaeleh has got the balance just right.

In The Twilight - Phaeleh [Afterglo]

Preview the rest of the tracks here, then go right ahead and pre-order your copy ahead of its 1st August release, you won't be disappointed.


I just want you close...

If you haven't bought (or even clocked) this release yet, then you really have been missing out. Hackman, one of Leeds's finest, serves up an absolute summer jam for Greco-Roman. We could not recommend this highly enough.

Grab it here, and bonus points for those who recognise the sample!

Featuring ARKIST

Two such big releases within only a few weeks of each other really can't be ignored. Bristol's Arkist is really bridging that genre gap which is on everyone's mind. His Apple Pips release is one of the strongest from a label that has been a little quiet of late. 'Rendezvous' is one hell of a lead track and comes with a perfectly cut vocal sample. 'Fill Your Coffee' leaves the heavy garage beats behind to reveal one of the most refreshing dubstep tracks we have heard in a long while.

Fill Your Coffee - Arkist [Apple Pips] (out now)

Not to rest on his laurels however, Arkist has recently teamed up with fellow Pips artist Kidkut for a release on Hotflush. In more of a house style, 'One Year Later' will glide through your speakers on a sunny afternoon, and is complimented on the flip by the fascinatingly entitled 'Vanilla Imitate'.

One Year Later - Arkist & Kidkut [forthcoming Hotflush]

Featuring BUILD

To follow up from Build's biggest release to date, a very smooth sounding collaborative album entitled 'Joint Ventures', label boss Baobinga answers a few questions exclusively for us...

Hi Sam. First of all, congratulations on ‘Joint Ventures’ – a fantastic listen. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first started up in the UK music scene.

Glad you like it! As far as I go, I got into dance music through jungle and techno, and then followed my way through an obsession with interesting drums along many twists and turns to wherever I am now...

In 2011 new labels seem to be appearing all the time, but what motivated you to start a label back in 2009?

Well, I'd got a bunch of tunes stockpiled that all seemed to be hanging together quite well, and the opportunity arose to get the label going without having to risk a huge amount of capital upfront (thanks Multiverse!), so it was a case of the right situation arising at the right time. I'd been thinking about doing a label for a while, but it was only around 2009 that it seemed as if the barriers between genres and styles had broken down enough for me to be able to do the kind of label I wanted to do - i.e. one that wasn't pushing a specific narrow stylistic agenda.

You have just released the vinyl of BUILD006, a collaboration between yourself and Guido. How important do you think it is that labels continue to put tunes out on wax?

I think it's very important, even in the sense that although sales aren't great at the moment, people still respect a vinyl release over a digital-only record - and this applies to young producers who don't really buy much or any vinyl, they still feel that a vinyl release gives a record some kind of 'reality' or solidity. For me personally, I love vinyl and I love the culture of record shops, so I'm happy to be able to contribute in some way to keeping that going.

You have collaborated with so many different artists, from Mensah to Cosmin TRG. How do you find collaboration as a way of producing and have there been any which just haven’t quite worked out?

I really enjoy working with different people - it's a great way to learn new tricks and it kind of forces you to come with your best stuff as well! When a collaboration works really well, I think you can hear elements of both producers in the track, but there's also something there that you wouldn't normally find in either producer's work - that's the exciting element and what makes the whole thing fun. There's been a couple that haven't worked out, but I think that has generally been down to scheduling issues and general lack of time on both sides, rather than any kind of dramatic personality clash with people storming out of the studio, smashing synths and threatening violence!

Trans Pennine Express - Baobinga & Jack Sparrow

What was it that persuaded you to launch into the ‘Joint Ventures’ project, does it feel like quite a big departure from the run of twelves that have preceded it?

For me, I feel like the album is a continuation of the direction the label has been taking over the past 2 years, and it also served as a useful marker to work towards - a big project on which I could focus my energies. Obviously, the label has almost by accident become a showcase for collaborations, but beyond that, the album presents a wide range of tempos and styles, which is something I've tried to do with the singles as well. The level of work that goes into promoting an album is definitely a step up from putting a single out though - I need a week on a beach!

As you said, the album sees you producing at a range of different tempos, is this something that you can see yourself doing more of in the future?

Yeah definitely - particularly in terms of D'n'B, and the slower house stuff. Those tunes were really fun to write, as they have such a different step on them, compared to the more usual 125-140bpm range. Switching tempos is another thing that can keep the process of creating music fresh and exciting, which is important if you want to keep making music that is fresh and exciting!

Gun Talk - Rider Shafique

The "UK Bass" scene seems to have been morphing constantly over the last year or so, how important do you feel a strong local scene such as the one in Bristol is to the development of a distinctive sound?

I'm not sure location is quite as vital as it used to be back in the day - for example, the way certain clubs and record stores were instrumental in developing disco, house, jungle or dubstep for example - but it is great to be working in a city where there are so many talented people doing their thing, and also willing to mix it up. For example, at Pinch's monthly Dubloaded night, you'll see everyone from house purists to grime kids getting together and chatting and checking stuff out, and that is a big part of what makes Bristol exciting. The rise of the internet has reduced the importance of physical location, but then again there may well be a backlash against that, where people want to feel that what they are listening to is rooted in something real. I guess the rise of Berghain techno links in to this - the strength of that sound is very much tied with ideas about Berlin and that particular club, which adds weight to the story behind the music.

And finally, what is your vision for Build during the second half of 2011? Any exciting new artists you think we should be keeping an eye out for?

I'd like grow Build as a brand - doing more Build themed rooms, as we have a wide range of artists involved in the label now, and the Build nights we have done have worked really well. We'll probably put out another single from the album, maybe with some interesting remixes, and I'll probably work with some more people that are making interesting music at the moment. I've got a couple of names in mind, but I'm going to keep them under wraps until everything is sorted. I'd like to see more releases from Kahn this year, and I'm also hoping the slow house thing will blow up a bit - check out Behling for some quality mixes in that vein; proper heavy slow groovers!

Thanks, Sam!

You can buy 'Joint Ventures' for the bargain price of £7.00 direct from Build's website.

And if you want a little taster, check out this free track from Baobinga & Randomer.


New Hush 2011 Summer Tee


Read what The Daily Street have to say about it here.



Heavily underrated Finish producer Desto has been on our radar ever since his release on Ramp Recordings last year. Back then he was pushing boundaries with colourful Dubstep, this time though, his forthcoming 'Makowrap EP' on Amsterdam's Rwina Records, has a heavy Grime instrumental feel. Check it for yourself...

Makowrap EP Preview [forthcoming Rwina Records]

React - Desto (Digital Bonus) [forthcoming Rwina Records]

This mix, for us, nails where underground bass music is right now. Heavy Swamp 81 vibes all over, eclectic drum patterns and plenty of sub. All forthcoming or unreleased business, you know you need to get this on the download.


01. Clouds - Rest Of The Cycle [forthcoming Deep Medi]
02. Teeth - Frequencies [forthcoming Ramp]
03. LAS - Liketha [unreleased]
04. Desto - No Sleep [unreleased]
05. Trusta - Hypnotic [forthcoming Swamp 81]
06. Logos - Atlanta 96 [forthcoming Keysound]
07. Desto - Remember [unreleased]
08. Teeth - Vibrate [unreleased]
09. Desto feat. Jimi Tenor - Eightfold Path [forthcoming 502]
10. Late - Sanctus [unreleased]
11. Desto & Jimi Tenor - Puotila Acid [unreleased]
12. Teeth - Need A Refix [unreleased]
13. Desto - Glass Clouds VIP [unreleased]
14. Melé - Pyrex Vision [Truancy]
15. Kuoyah - Convex Gravity (Desto Remix) [forthcoming Frijsfo Beats]
16. Trusta - Feels So [forthcoming Swamp 81]
17. Desto - Londinium [unreleased]
18. Desto & Jimi Tenor - Stampede [unreleased]
19. LAS - Rave-o-lution [unreleased]
20. Desto - Makowrap [forthcoming Rwina]

Keep up to date with Desto on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.


It's always nice when a good producer is also a good DJ, and not just doing one or the other because they feel obliged. George FitzGerald's set in January at Modulate in Leeds was appreciated by everyone in the place, and this cemented his position in our minds as one to watch out for - not just another name on the new Garage/House scene, which at the time was burgoning.

Also in January, 'We Bilateral' came out on the Hotflush compilation, and showcased what has almost become his signature use of dreamy vocals over future sounding synths.

We Bilateral - George FitzGerald [Hotflush Recordings]

What's more is that, since then, his sound has developed and resisted the conventional labels that we all like to apply. His remixes of late have tended towards the Techno end of the electronic music spectrum. 'Reset', the b-side on the 'Silhouette EP' proved that he has the depth in production to fuse his vocal style with more well rounded and complex beats. His most recent tracks, due out in August, will form the first release on his own ManMakeMusic imprint, and are his strongest to date.

Fernweh/Hearts - George FitzGerald [forthcoming ManMakeMusic]

The previews suggest that he's moved back towards a deeper, Garage/House sound. Both tracks need a listen. We expect to hear that beautiful cowbell from 'Hearts' on repeat all over the place in August.


Hxdb Presents Future of Bass Vol. 1

Sev Erickson, the Canadian producer known as HxdB (pronounced Hexi-decibel), has recently dropped a 19-track bass compilation through Gradient Audio featuring what he calls "fearless explorations of sub bass frequencies and futuristic soundscapes." The release includes the likes of DFRNT, Kid Smpl, Wachs Lyrical/Regent!, Mirror State, and Submerse, as well as HxdB himself, with the shared goal of "pushing the envelope of modern dance music, while captivating dance floors and imaginations alike."

Bass music fans will not want to miss this one. You can preview the teaser and track list below. Head on over to Gradient Audio's bandcamp site to preview full-length tracks and purchase a digital copy.

Future Of Bass Volume 1 Preview

1. Acre - Effected the Most
2. Hodge - Boy + Girl
3. Magnum - Schemes
4. HxdB - Mustard (Cure Rerub)
5. FBOM & Outlaw Producer - Compound VIP
6. Simon/off - Take Your Time
7. Cairo - They Met in Flushing
8. DFRNT - Tribal
9. Wachs Lyrical - Felt Smasher
10. Submerse & Resketch - Wafu Wafu
11. Sclist - V
12. Shureshotz - Redlight District
13. Mirror State - Bad Connections
14. Blind Prophet - Constants (Ft. Brea)
15. Artifact - Forgive Me
16. Cedaa - Hypnotiq (Juxta Remix)
17. Kid Smpl - Comfort
18. B1t Crunch3r vs Gravity - Malfunction (HxdB Remix)
19. Self Evident - Look in Your Eyes

Featuring MARTYN

3024 boss and heavyweight producer in his own right Martyn is gearing up for his next 12" release, this time on the Los Angeles-based Brainfeeder label. Having come from a Drum & Bass and then Dubstep standpoint, he seems to have settled with more of a House template in his recent work.

Masks is a heavy rolling House effort, with 90s stabs and what sounds like an awful lot of serious analogue programming. It is most certainly reminiscent of his collaboration with Mike Slott from last year, a tune entitled 'All Nights'. Following the release of Masks/Vipers on 1st August, Martyn's second LP will emerge, also on the mighty Brainfeeder imprint.

And for those of you with a bit more time on your hands, this is one of the most interesting RBMA lectures around.

Introducing GROWN FOLK

As always, this might not be an introduction to some, but we feel strongly that if you haven't checked out this relatively new production duo from Canada, you should pay a little attention now.

After first discovering Grown Folk by their track 'Steady Moving' on Truancy Compilation One, which was not only the lead track of the LP but also the definite highlight, we've been meaning to give them a mention somehow or somewhere for a while. Now having just listened to their EP preview entitled 'City Wind EP', which was out in May on Templar Sound (also backed with Damu and Chaos In The CBD remixes), the urge to push some exposure was immediate. They only have roughly 200 followers on each of their Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter accounts - what's going on?!

The productions a fresh unique sound, ignoring boundaries and always sticking to loveable, refreshing and enjoyable music, whether it be chilled or energetic. Big futures ahead for sure, especially if they keep up the flow of quality free music...

Steady Moving - Grown Folk [RUDEEE]

Runaways (Grown Folk Remix) - LOL Boys

City Wind EP Preview - Grown Folk [buy]

'Droptop EP' is due out soon on Silverback Recordings.